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Welcome to a special review of a tee that has not been released yet, but will be released near the end of the month. it is from a new brand that has only been running since October 30th 2011 and specialize in limited edition designs. The name of this brand is… Hate Male
The duo that run HateMale. make Batman and Robin look less dynamic and more Laurel and Hardy. This is the real dynamic duo, the husband and wife team that is HateMale. 
I will let Neil over at HateMale to tell you more about the brand and the new shirt that is about to be released. 
What is HateMale.?
"Oozing from a distorted mind, HATEmale. is the twisted sister to mainstream clothing.
A rather bizarre odyssey, featuring a range of clothing & accessories ~ aberrant pieces & limited editions.
HATEmale. Wickedly deranged".

Who are the people behind HateMale.?

HATEmale. is a two-person operation, just my wife & I. We handle everything from running the website/web-store, Facebook Fan Page, conceiving the artwork, folding/bagging & packing.
We do all the shipping of the merchandise, ordering supplies and materials, addressing and stamping mailers, keeping up inventory, responding to emails, creating promo material, communicating with printers, etc.
Our screenprinter and button/sticker printers handle the actual printing of the merchandise. HATEmale. is just about as DIY as we can handle. We could not do it without our faithful fans and customers.
Can you tell me more about the new tee?
The new tee is called Doomcepticon
The shirt itself is a mash-up of Underground Hip-Hop Artist – MF Doom & the classic Transformers head/symbol… Laid out in a movie style poster

We commissioned 'Omega Man 5000' for this one – like myself, a true MF Doom fan.

Generally we do everything ourselves. We have an in-house artist that handles all of our bizarre ideas – if that makes sense…

Sometimes we commission others. Not often, but at times.

We've worked with 'Dillustration' whose currently employed by Johnny Cupcakes, Omega Man 5000, & we have a release coming up later this year that artist Rubens of 'Tokyo Candies' handled 




Geek Shirts: What do you think of the new design, I personally love it! I really like the poster style of the t shirt and I am a big Transformers fan anyway so this is going to look really cool when i get mine.
But I have not told you how you can get yours!
You can pre-order yours now, this shirt will be very limited in numbers so get yours while you can. 
The tee will not be available until 30th July 2012
HateMale. look like an awesome brand that has produced some fantastic limited edition tees. Why don't you check them out for yourself.
Coming Soon!! A contest to win HateMale. Goodies