I have brought many eBooks before as I enjoy reading. However many of the eBooks that I have brought have been of varying quality, Due to eBooks being self-published (anyone can create an eBook and sell it on their websites) there isn't always the quality control that you would normally find as you would when published through traditional channels.
However, this is the only drawback as these days I tend to rely on reviews from other readers before buying and downloading an eBook to my trusted Kindle.
So, there was a mixture of surprise, excitement and trepidation when I had learned of Launch Your Own Kick Ass T Shirt Brand by Al Camera and Moust Camara
Surprise as I didn't think a book would exist on a subject that I was extremely interested in.
Excitement as I couldn't wait to read it as my thirst for knowledge knows no bounds but I am also VERY INTERESTED in setting up my own t shirt brand.
Trepidation as when it comes to self-published books there is usually a lot of dross out there.
When I purchased the book, , I got my email with the download link, so I downloaded it to my PC as you can see below.
I then connected my Kindle and proceeded to download the eBook my trusted Kindle!
Now the first impressions were good, a cool title cover, 15 chapters and over 240 pages, made this a substantial eBook. It all looked very professional, 🙂
As I started to read, the book was well written and covered a lot of ground about launching your own t shirt brand. There are some cool chapters in there these were my personal favourites.
  • Simplified Step-By-Step
  • Creating A Solid Brand
  • Set Up Shop
At the beginning of the book, the team behind Launch Your Own Kick Ass T Shirt Brand, T Shirt Magazine, talk about their inspiration for the book and the original article they wrote that prompted them to write the book in the first place. A copy of the original article is included in the introduction by the way 🙂
Planning ahead is an absolute necessity for Creating a t-shirt brand. Jumping into the industry without a plan is a surefire way to ensure that your brand will not be successful.”
Chaz Matse – Vicious History
As I continued to read, the authors used their own personal experiences AND their own T shirt brand as examples as to what to do and not do when running your own business.
I like the fact that the book has been born out the authors own experiences and he even names his own brand. Makes the book a lot more credible in my eyes.
Some of the chapters have a section which includes a contribution from an expert in that chapter’s subject matter. Again, I thought this was a very cool idea.
Contributions include
  • Chaz Matses of Vicious History
  • Kyle Crawford of Electric Zombie
  • Ha Mai of Fur Face Boy
  • David Murray of Seibei
  • Jing Lui of Juzd
  • Regan Smith Clarke of RSC
  • Matt Mcmanus of Check Your Six
  • Tamera Lawrence of Single Tease
  • Darlo Reys of Jeepney
The book try's to cover as many different facets at launching a t shirt brand, although primarily aimed at an online business model, the book has info on setting up a traditional off line business as well.
The biggest selling point I can give this book is that it does succeed in trying and cover as much as possible when setting up your brand, there are even sections on SEO (that is on-line marketing to us mere mortals) but when reading, I felt at times I wanted and needed to know more! I don't think this is a drawback as to how much details can you go into.
The SEO and online marketing sections could have done with a little more work but to be honest that is a minor criticism and I applaud the fact the authors have included those particular subjects,
Pros: In conclusion a great book very well written, gave me an excellent overview in what I need to do to set up my own t shirt brand and LOVED the idea of the schedule at the beginning of the book.
Cons: Possibly more work on the SEO and social media marketing sections, however this is only a minor quibble as the book does what it says it will do and if you want to know about on line marketing, buy a book on it.
This book is ideal For anyone looking to start a t shirt brand, or any of the many t shirt designers that use t shirts sites like Cafe Press, Spreadshirt or Redbubble. An ideal reference guide for any one currently running an independent t shirt label as there are a lot of tips that could be useful to someone of more experience.
This book will definitely get a personal recommendation from me as I really LOVED reading it.
As a t shirt blogger I never really thought I would be reviewing a book on Geek Shirts HQ however I think Launch your own Kick Ass T Shirt Brand is a Kick Ass READ!!!!!!