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This cool brand hails from the UK.
I caught up with the man behind TeeTotal Clothing Ben for an interview to find out more about this cool brand.
Ben was also kind enough to set up an exclusive discount for Geek Shirts HQ readers, which you can find at the end of the interview.
Why did you start TeeTotal Clothing? 
Are you sick of walking along the street and seeing the same t shirt 5 times?
Well we certainly were, and soon we started to realize a lot of people agreed with us. That’s where the idea for TeeTotal Clothing was born.
Why can’t every item of clothing be limited edition I hear you ask? Well what an informed and intelligent question… here at TeeTotal Clothing it is! 
When did you start? 
We founded TeeTotal Clothing in early 2012 and launched in September that year. 
Where are you based? 
TeeTotal Clothing is based in Bristol, UK.

Tee Total Fox 

Tee Total Fox



The TeeTotal Fox was born when we teamed up with our friends at Jthree Concepts to find that little something that represents what we stand for.
Our vision to blur the lines between wearing a t shirt and a piece of art, only ever selling t shirts in limited runs, and all that stuff we go on about… well that’s all summed up in this little fox.
The tee is available now for only £12 at TEE TOTAL CLOTHING
Where did you get the name TeeTotal Clothing?  
Being the creative geniuses we are, a number of days went by brainstorming ideas with nothing to show for it. When we stumbled across the name TeeTotal Clothing it just felt right, and from there we began to build the brand around it.
What else can you tell me about TeeTotal Clothing? 
TeeTotal Clothing is setting the way in individual fashion with every single tee being part of a limited run…
Each t shirt is designed by a different one of our amazing team of artists and only printed in a numbered batch of 250 (you’ve got it, just like a limited piece of art). We like to think of a t shirt as simply a mobile canvas.
We try to promote our artists as much as we can, from putting their name on the hang tags, to a little artist bio next to each product on our website.
One of our goals is to support up and coming artists worldwide and be a stepping stone to the bright future ahead of them. 
Tee Total Fox shirt
>What printing process do you use when printing a tee and the brand of tee you use? 
We use a screen printing process for all of our tees to create bright designs that won’t fade over time. We began using Gildan Softstyle Ringspun tees as they give an excellent fit and feel.
Since launching we have developed our very own cut of tee to give an even better fit (I know, we just keep getting better and better). The new Dachshund design is printed on these custom fit 100% cotton t shirts and all tees feature a TeeTotal Fox label on the front. 
What can someone expect when ordering a product from you? 
When ordering a product from TeeTotal Clothing you can expect something a little different. No long wait and impersonal customer service, your tee will arrive in a matter of days and we are on hand at any time to chat to any customer (or anyone who just wants to say hello).
T shirts arrive with individually hand stamped hang tags showing the unique run number of each t-shirt. The tee is then presented in quality tissue paper finished off with a TeeTotal Fox sticker. 

The Dachshund Blue T-Shirt

The Dachshund Blue T-Shirt
Just in time for Easter we have a new release, 'The Dachshund' by Sophie Wilson. The simple and bold design features a seam-to-seam print stretching across the entire front of our custom fit TeeTotal t-shirts. 
The tee is available in two separate colours and has been introduced at only £15 at  TEE TOTAL CLOTHING 
What plans have you got for the future? 
We are constantly looking for new exciting artists to get on board with our project and love hearing from any artists or designers out there. We can be contacted through our website, twitter or Facebook at any time.
In the near future we plan on expanding our range to feature a number of new products to be launched for the summer. We have the vision that our t shirts will be worn all over the world, and hope to make a lot of people happy along the way. 
Where can I find out more about TeeTotal Clothing? 
TeeTotal Clothing shirts
Are you able to provide a unique promotion code for my readers? 

Go on then, just this once… readers can get 10% off using the code ‘teetotalgeeks’.