Welcome to the Shirt of the Week, where we bring you the very best designs that we can find and put the Geek Shirts HQ spotlight on it.
This week we have a designer that we have featured at Geek Shirts HQ before Kev Brett. He brings you a brand new design which launches here at Geek Shirts HQ

Everyone seems to be going Batman crazy and they are not calling him Batman but The Dark Knight instead. His name is Batman!
Ever wondered what is would be like to be a troubled rich playboy, whose parents were murdered when you were young?
Ever wanted to take your life in your own hands  on a daily basis?
Ever wanted to attract the wrong type of women in catsuits?
Well if you answer no to all of the above, you are not Batman and  sorry I can't help you become a superhero.
But if you love Batman and a fan of great t shirts then read on as we have a fantastic tee of the week this week featuring the caperd crusader, the dark knight, the kinky one with the cape and hood, ok I made the last one up but you know who I am talking about
A phrase I like to use is 'wearable art' and this is a prime example of this as Kev has taken one of these existing prints and created a t shirt out of it. But I will let Kev tell you more about that.
Let me get Kev Brett, the designer behind this week's shirt of the week to tell you more about this great design.
The Dark Knight By Kev Brett
I love comic books, and have to say my favourite hero is, and always has been Batman.
I love the Nolan films, but especially have affection for the Bold and the Brave animated series (my 4yo son LOVES it!!).
I love the innocence of it and the artwork is awesome, but even before the current batch of Batman cartoons, one of my faves has to be Batman: Mask of the Phantasm – awesome film, pick it up if you haven't already seen it (plus Mark Hamill aka Luke Skywalker voices the Joker!!)
So I set about drawing the Dark knight as an A4 marker illustration.
I like to dabble with markers now and again, using Letraset Promarkers and when Geek Shirts HQ suggested I turn it or one of my other pieces into a tee design, I thought it was a great idea

Here are the stages that I followed to create my new t shirt design. 
So, I decided to initially scan the image into the computer and import it into Manga Studio (my weapon of choice).

Black outlines first as always, allowing me to straighten some of the lines, as well as fill in the shadows.
I love using black outlines, although I'm trying to move away from them with some designs, but I think that a tee design entitled The Dark Knight without black in it would be a little amiss.
The comic book style of the piece and character just screamed out for black outlines..
Then it was a case of colouring where it needed colour.
As always with my tee designs, I like to try to limit the amount of colours to at most 6 (and with this design, the black won't count, as it'll be deleted using the tee colour).
The eyes were coloured in yellow to really allow them to stand out and bring character to the design, certainly a focal point.
I thought it could look quite cool to have the shadows be the actual shirt colour and have his face disappearing into the tee, it'd really emphasise his eyes and skin.
I then highlighted the black outline and deleted any overlap from the colour as well as the black itself, leaving me with just the colour and the transparents. 
Really happy with the finished piece and I like to compare the original marker piece with the finished tee.
What do you think?
There are a lot more colours used for the marker piece, but I like the use of black on the tee.
Hope you like it, it's now available over in my Red Bubble store so get grab yourself one!
Thank you Kev.
This tee is a fantastic piece of art that has made it on to a t shirt. I really love the design and the use of colour to make the skin color and those eyes stand out.
An awesome tee from an awesome designer. 
Dont forget to get yours from Kev's Redbubble Store 
– Geek Shirts HQ