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This week we have an old friend returning to GSHQ, he is no stranger to the Shirt of the Week as he has been featured previously and when he agreed to feature his latest design.
Warbucks design
A mash up of The Lion King and the Star Wars franchise, I am very excited, so it is a pleasure to welcome back Steve from Warbucks Design with his latest design. 

The Droid King T-Shirt

By Warbucks Design
The Droid King T-Shirt
Over to you Steve! Tell us more about how you came up with this cool design.  
It gets very challenging to create concepts that I feel will stand out in this large group of extremely talented artists. Sometimes the concepts just flow and I'll rattle off three or four at a time but then you hit that road block and nothing.
But when the idea hits me I'm usually confident with my concept. Granted I never know how popular it my be but you always have to take a chance and as long as you're happy with it you can never be too disappointed.
Recently I was in search of my next design but was having terrible coming up with anything that excited me. Then one day last week I was talking to a friend of mine when we began discussing Disney movies when conversation turned towards The Lion King.
I instantly began thinking about the iconic moment when Simba, Pumba and Timon were crossing a log in front of the bright sun. A very familiar scene for anyone who has seen this great flick.
That's the moment when the concept hit me! This would make a fantastic crossover with the Star Wars franchise especially the moon of Endor.
The process began and the design just seemed to come together. Substitute the Lion King characters with some cute and fuzzy ewoks and their golden god.
Now let's just substitute that moon with the Death Star; Too ironic. Then drop everything into a leafy forest setting with a large tree trunk. It works! Something different from anything I've done before and I was happy with it.
I always try to have some diversity in my designs and once I was finished I felt that The Droid King was the perfect "next" design.
I'm hoping that it's well received and unfortunately only time will tell but for now I'm happy to add it to the Warbucks Collection and perhaps maybe even you will add it to yours.
The Droid King T-Shirts

Available at Redbubble

Thanks Steve!
You can check out this design and many others over at his Redbubble store.
You can also stalk Warbucks Design over at Facebook and Twitter.