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We have scoured the universe for the best tees we can find.
We have been to Mars with John Carter.
Searched the ocean bed with Captain Nemo.
And if you believe that then you will believe I have been fighting aliens in a galaxy far far away to fight the empire and find you the best tees available for the shirt of the week.
If you didn’t believe any of that, then at least believe that I have checked my inbox this week and found this cool design a collaboration between Warbucks and Ironwings.

"The Secret T-Shirt"The Secret T-Shirt TEES


Let me get Steve O’Blenis aka Warbucks design to tell you more about this cool collaboration.

The Secret T-Shirt was my first collaboration I've ever done within the t-shirt world.
A friend of mine, Ironwings, approached me and told me about an idea she had about creating a Secret of NIHM shirt which I instantly thought was a brilliant idea.
I grew up watching that animated classic and have probably seen it over twenty times.
It's a great movie from Don Bluth who had a fantastic art style in the 80's, including video games like Dragon's Lair and Space Ace.
I've lost many quarters in those machines and could never make it very far at all but that's a story for a different time.
Shortly after talking to my friend she asked me if it was a project I would like to work on with her. Perfect. I loved the idea and quickly agreed so off to work I go.
My first thought for the concept was to lose the animated/cartoon feel and make it a more realistic and dark.
The rats resembling real rats? Cool. So I started laying out a proposal for the design and then it just started flowing and taking shape. I loved it.
Once I had a solid look I forwarded it to Ironwings who quickly gave back some amazing suggestions. Change this, substitute that, add this… we really were working on all cylinders and the design grew better and better.
If anyone has seen the movie or read the book, you should find some real nice elements in the design that we felt fans would want to have included.
The amulet was a must, the great owl, Nikodemus… even Dragon the cat.
There are many elements that we hope fans can pick out and recognize. The flow of the design was something I really felt came together.
With the crest like logo on top and Dragon acting as a weight on the bottom it just became a strong image that I could instantly see on a t-shirt.
I'm happy the way this collaboration turned out and left me with a good feeling if I was ever asked to do another in the future.
Hopefully our fans love the design and feel that we showed The Secret of NIMH the proper respect it deserve.
There hasn't been many NIMH shirts out there and it's about time someone makes a mark. Luckily, I'm happy to be part of that idea and I'm sure Ironwings feels the same.
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"The Secret T-Shirt" is currently for sale on Redbubble, so please pick one up if you like what you see.
Don't forget to check out my counterpart "Ironwings" on Facebook  and Redbubble as well.
We made a strong team on this design and would love to work together in the future.

Available at Redbubble