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This week is another interesting design that gets its inspiration from the classic British sci-fi series Doctor Who.
One of my favourite science fiction characters, Doctor Who has some brilliant story telling coupled with some of the best British actors and it is within a science fiction setting.
What more could you want?
So tell me what would you get if you crossed the classic game made famous by the Game Boy, Tetris with Doctor Who?

The Latest Shirt of the Week

The Tetris Lord by Gordon B Design

I used to love playing Tetris on my old Game Boy and still play it today, but now it is in colour on my iPhone.
A really simple game, that is so damn addictive!
This tee is a really cool mash up that has two of my favourites, I love the way Gordon has manage to fuse the two together.
I really didn’t know how he came up with this design, so I decided to ask him.

Gordon, over to you, tell your adoring public all about your latest design!

The design is called "The Tetris lord"

I came up with this idea while thinking of some old 8bit games to parody.
Everyone knows and loves Tetris as it has stood the stand of time, so I went about trying to think of things that could be similar so I could combine them.
I then realised that it sounded very similar to 'Tardis' so I immediately thought of creating a Tardis out of Tetris blocks. 
 I used images as references and tried to make the Tetris logo and the giant T in the background. There were no fonts involved as I wanted it to be all original artwork.
Next I wanted a frame to bring the whole image together so chose the bricks (like on the game).
 I then went to work creating the Tardis out of shapes. I had to keep the amount of colours down, so it might be ok for screen printing etc.
I added lots of details, such as the halftone on the big T as to draw the viewer’s eyes to the middle and the score boards
I added these geeky facts in just for fun:
Score = 171620 (17.16.20 was the time that the first ever Dr Who aired on TV)
Level = 11 (The amount of doctors there has been so far)
Lines = 50 (The years the great program has been running for)
The final design, just added the black background to double check everything looked ok as that was my main colour choice for the t shirt. 
Thanks for this opportunity GeekshirtsHQ 🙂
Thank you for a great design, don’t forget you can get this cool tee over at Redbubble now.

This Tee is available at RedBubble HERE