Welcome To Our Regular Monthly Tee Review From Truffle Shuffle
….A cool British brand with exclusive officially licenced t shirts. 
This month we have a t shirt that is a mash up of two of my favourite references from pop culture.

Transformers and The Godfather, called The Tronfather 

As you can see below from the website, the design is exclusive to Truffle Shuffle and there are a number of pictures of the actual tee.
I would like to see some shots of someone actually wearing the tee but I like the fact there are a number of pictures of the tee on the site.

The Tronfather Tranformers T-Shirt

Looking at the package below the t shirt was delivered in a branded mailer
As you can see below the package contained the t shirt and a sweet, which seems to be a regular thing with truffle shuffle.
I always like a few extras from t shirt companies and Refreshers are my favourite! This time the sweet didn't go to my daughter, instead i ate it! Shh don't tell her!
The swing tag that accompanied the tee adds a bit of extra professionalism, as you can see one side has the Truffle Shuffle Logo
The other side has a classic Transformer image
As you can see from the pictures below there are three tags with Truffle Shuffle tees.
truffle shuffle neck labels
All tees have a washing instructions tag, A branded Truffle Shuffle Tag and in this case an officially licensed tag from Hasbro.
Now the t shirt itself, as you can see from the picture, it has taken the classic image from The Godfather and mashed it up with The Transformers.
You will see a lot of independent designers mashing up two genres to create an individual design. However most if not all of these are not officially licensed.  
Its good to see one of the established brands bringing out a few mash up designs of their own and they are officially licensed as well.
I asked James, the designer at Truffle Shuffle for more information about this classic design.
We've recently started doing a lot of mash up designs where we combine two popular licenses together to make a parody style T-Shirt that could appeal to fans of either license. 
Recent designs that we've done in this style include a Sesame Street/Jaws crossover and a Pac-Man/Beatles Abbey Road design, these have proven to be so popular we've been eager to try out new ideas!
The Godfather is such a classic film that we needed a strong, empowering character to take the title role and Megatron seemed like the perfect fit. 
Both have a dubious approach to right and wrong and both are leaders in charge of a whole load of loyal followers!
When we decided upon who was going to take the role of Godfather the next task was to try and replicate the iconic movie poster but with a Transformers twist. 
It's a stark black and white design so we needed to keep it simple and choose a suitable image of Megatron that would fit the Godfather pose.  I also did a parody of the logo using the Transformers logo instead of the puppeteers hand. 
Last but not least we included a Godfather quote but ended it with 'compute' as a nod to the Robots in Disguise!
Here is a close up picture of the t shirt.
It really  a quality print.
You can check out some of the detail in the close up of the design below and see how well it has been printed, no bleeding around the edges at all.
A very clean print.
I love the fit of the Truffle Shuffle Tees, and this one was no exception a excellent fit and very soft next to the skin.
I have not washed the tee yet, as i just gave it a quick iron and tried it on for the review.
 Most of Truffle Shuffle tees, the print will have more of a distressed vintage look after a few washes and judging by the other tees I have received from Truffle Shuffle, the designs look even better with this sort of look.
The tees have also kept their shape well, a sign of a good quality tee.
I also like attention to detail in the design with the red flower set against a monochrome background.
A successful mash up of two different genres from movie history, that will always get a second glance when worn.
Overall another cool design from their Transformers collection

OK Aniyah Over To You!

 Goonies Quotes T Shirt From Truffle Shuffle

What do you think of the t shirt?

I love robots Daddy but where is the sweet. You always get a sweet from them!

You Can Get The Tronfather Transformer T-Shirt Here