Remember the old Thundercats cartoon or are you a fan of……. dare I say it? the rebooted version?

For anyone who is not familiar with the show, it originally aired in 1985 and followed the adventures of a group of humanoid cat-like creatures. To be honest I can't remember too much about the actual plot but what i do remember, the Thundercats arch nemesis was Mumra, who they would battle each week.  

There were four series in total. and a TV movie, this was subquently followed by a comic book series by Marvel and a series by Wildstorm. There has been a resurgence in interest in the eighties cartoon series and a new CGI film was being developed. Currently at the time of writing, the production is on hold for the movie.

You can see the concept art for this movie below, it was leaked online in 2009 and a number of sites reported on it


Thundercats The Movie, Bradd Pitt, Vin diesel


Obviously there is now a new Thundercats tv series, which has revamped the story for the current generation. This has a slightly different premise to the original series but all the original characters are back. Developed as a co–production between the U.S and Japan, this new anime series attempts to update the Thundercats story, in my opinion with mixed success.



Strange But True Fact

There is a fan made movie trailer for a live action version of Thundercats, This caused quite a sensation a few years ago on the Internet. Apparently it took the filmmaker 18 months to make. I can see why, it is one of the best fan made trailers I have seen.



Check it out for yourself


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Finally if you made it this far, so about all the small talk but here is my Top 10 Thundercats Shirts

Epic Thunder Sword Scene Shirt

Thundercats T-shirtsA great image and a fantastic t shirt designed by helljester


Thundercats Distressed Logo T Shirt

Thundercats Logo teesA classic Thundercats Tee, with the instantly recognisable Thundercats logo. The distressed design makes this instant fashion classic.


Thundercats Solar Symbol T Shirt

Thundercats Cool t ShirtsI love the design of this Thundercats shirt. I showed this to Panthro, he just growled at me! Tigra assured me, he loves the shirt?


Thundercats Rendered Panels Black Shirt

Thundercats Fun and Geeky T ShirtEnough of the logo t shirts! A different screen printed design with some fantastic artwork. I love the contrast of monochrome and colour.


Thundercats Group T-Shirts

You have got them all on this screen printed  


Mummra's Ever Living Day Spa T-Shirts

Mummra's Ever Living Day Spa T-ShirtsA great twist on the Thundercats arch enemy. This shirt has been designed by kentcribbs. 


Thundercats 2011 Remake Anime Shirt

A fantastic shirt based on the 2011 rebooted Thundercats  TV series.


Thundercats Flames Shirt 

A Thundercats logo shirt, mmmm is that original? Now this shirt is different from the others and is why I have included it in my countdown


Thundercats Sight Beyond Sight

A classic image of Lion-O from the animated series. 


Thundercats Shirt 

A great monochrome image of Lion-O. 

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