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This week we have another relatively new  daily t shirt site based in Europe
Thy Shirt are a daily tee brand based in Italy, giving you exclusive tee shirts and a high level of customer service.
Thy Shirts are trying to carve a niche for themselves in an already crowded t shirt market and giving exclusive designs you cannot find anywhere else maybe the way to go.

Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Thy Shirt

The Latest Brand To Get Undressed.
Can you start by giving some background about yourself?
Sure thing! First of all my name is Edoardo Dalla Via, I’m a 30 years old nerd graduated in international marketing.
I started at the age of 20 in the gaming industry. I worked for such companies as 25Edition, Italian translator and sole licensee for many RPGs including D&D and Vampire: the Masquerade, Upper Deck Entertainment, at that time owning rights for Yu-Gi-Oh! And World of Warcraft TCG and MM25, Italian licensee and main distributor for many games, Magic: the Gathering being the most famous and important one.
After all that gaming stuff, I gathered quite a few nerdy and geeky knowledge and thought about applying it to something funny and effective. Add up to the equation that my family has been in the textile industries for years and the math is done.
Where you are from?
I’m from Padua, Italy. Googling it out of curiosity I just found out that it “claims to be the oldest city in northern Italy”. You never stop learning…

The Siths T-Shirts

by Eliza Bolli
The Siths t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirt

Why did you start a daily/weekly tee site instead of a ‘regular’ t-shirt brand?
Actually there are several reasons, if I was to point out one among them I think that limited time availability focuses the attention of customers, inviting them into visiting the website more often than they would otherwise do.
Where did you get the name thy shirt?
I wanted a pun for the website, or at least something that made a clever use of the world tee. I thought about many, some of them still available as web domains and others already thought about.
Then, talking to a long-time friend of mine, Andrea Chiarvesio, we realized that the word “tee” is used all around the web but it’s not really that known among Italians, less than you could expect.
So what about a t-shirt pun? Well, the old style “thy” was just there for us, fantasy oriented hard-core nerds.

The New Blender T-Shirt

by Synne Black
The New Blender t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirt

What makes thy shirt different from other similar daily/weekly tee shirt sites? What is your USP?
Most of the daily/weekly tee sites out there offer everyone the possibility to design their own shirt and make the users vote for the most required one.
We thought about starting with a solid base of artists who upload their works on a fixed rotation. Doing this we skipped a starting phase in which our audience would have been too small to effectively promote the aforementioned standard procedure.
Moreover this was linked to our two main USPs. Visiting the majority of other websites on a daily basis, I soon realized that designs often repeated themselves from one site to another. This is because authors keep copyrights for their work and can propose it to several websites.
I found it kind of frustrating to buy an exclusive limited design, only to find out that it will be available again soon from another website. Commissioning all of our works, we make sure they don’t appear here and there on the internet, prioritizing customers and hopefully giving them an added service.
The second one is turning upside down the new designs procedure: instead of proposing an already drawn picture, we encourage users to use our vote system to describe what they have in mind. Doing such they are not required any graphic skill, the actual design will be realized by one of our artist once the “like” count rises.
How does a designer get to feature their design on your site?
That’s a tricky question. We selected our actual team among some talented young Italian designers who gave us their availability for this project. At the moment we are not looking for new additions, but even so everyone is more than welcome to send us a few lines at

If You Recognise This T-Shirts

by Christiana Sili
If You Recognize This t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirt

Who are your favourite designers that hope to feature on your site?
There’s an artist I really admire, I’m currently working with him on another project. We talked briefly about the possibility for him to join our team, nothing is still set. I’ll be a little mysterious here and won’t reveal the name for the moment …
As a brand how much importance do you put on marketing on social media sites such as Twitter or Facebook?
Facebook is crucial to us. We started in December the 11th, after two months we reached 550 likes on our page and a daily activity from our users who constantly like and share our updates, we really appreciate their support.
We are glad of the result reached so far and look forward to expand it further and further.

Seven Cat Sins T-Shirts

by Milena Ciccurello
Sevent Cats Sins t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirts

What’s coming next for thy shirt?
We are waiting for the right time to release a “vote your favorite previous design” contest to give new customers a chance to gain access to some of the most wanted tees which are no longer available. This won’t happen often, however, we are thinking about once a month.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years both for yourselves and your business?
I can’t tell what I’ll be eating tomorrow, how can I schedule the next 10 years?
Well, I’ll pretend to be the marketing man I should be and answer “We will be one of the major tees sites in the market”. Hopefully I’ll have learnt some more English by then … wait …

I’m Your Father T-Shirts

by Antonio Bonanno
I'm Your Father t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirts

Now that you have launched, is there anything you would have done differently if you launched a similar venture?
I’m not the regretful kind of guy. Even then, there’s still plenty of time for the “I wish I had” sentences, we are still too young for those.
When getting your apparel printed what is the process that you prefer?
Our tees are always digitally printed using professional Roland machineries.
What brands of apparel do you prefer to print on?
We only print on High quality 100% pure cotton tees, weighted 140/150gr.
What would a customer expect when ordering a product from you?
They’d expect to receive what they paid for within the estimated time schedule and featuring high-quality standards. That’s exactly what we strive to deliver them.

The Lion… King T-Shirts?

By Milena Ciccarello
The Lion ... King t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirts

What happens after a customer places an order? When will they receive their tee?
The orders collected within the three days of tee availability are put together at the end of that limited period and sent to the manufacturer. There it’ll take 3 to 10 working days to get the work done, afterwards we collect the printed shirts and ship them to customers, who should receive them a few other days after, depending on where they live in.
Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
All of those who believed in this project and still do, the designer team and those precious persons out there who come out with some really smart tee idea to share with us. You know who you are!

Hard Orck Café T-Shirts

by Cristiano Sili
Hard Orck Café t shirts

Featured at Thy Shirt

Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you?
The best place to find our tees, not to mention it’s actually the only one, is our website:
To contact us just write to, or drop a few lines on our Facebook page .