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Another New Brand Alert


This time we have Tim Birch AKA illproxy

Originally from the UK and now based in the USA.
I caught up with illproxy for a interview to find out a bit more about the brand.
Why/When did you start?
I started by printing a small number of shirts locally after college and convincing a local clothing store to sell them.
I was surprised by how well they sold and shorty after opened my online tee shops. T-shirts are a lot like a wall or canvas to me, throw art up and walk away. 
If others like it then that’s great, awesome bonus! If not then its all good because I like it and enjoyed making it.
Where are you based?
I am currently based in Madison, WI. Was born in Rugby, England and moved to USA when I was four yearrs old.

Sons Of Endor T Shirt

Sons Of Endor T Shirt

Available at Spreadshirt

Inspired by Star Wars and the bad-ass tv show Sons of Anarchy.
Where did you get the name?
The name originally came from a series of names I created for a local hip hop group I am a part of.
My friends in the group didn’t like it at all, I did and continued to use it for myself online. I have an idea as to what the definition of "illproxy" is but prefer to leave up to others imagination.
What else can you tell me about illproxy?
I am inspired by things i enjoy like tv shows, comics, MMA , Hip Hop culture, ghosts, anime or movies.  I have been drawing things i like since I was a kid and this is very much a continuation of that.
What printing process do you use?
The shirts i printed locally were screen printed as are my designs sold on 24hr t-shirt sites. “Sithy Mouse” was sold on Shirtpunch late last year and “Colour Me Who “ will be on sale at Teebusters  March 19th-21st.

Colour Me Who T Shirt

Colour Me Who T Shirt

Inspired by my background in graffiti/stencils and one of my all time fav show,  Doctor Who!
for sale at march 19th-21st, Save with code D4L3K5 at checkout.
What can someone expect when ordering products from you?
When someone throws down their hard earned money for my art on a t-shirt I alwys feel so very grateful for the support. 
My designs are original and I think unique in style, you are getting my original art on a shirt.
My take on something that inspired me to pick up the brush or pencil and make some art.
Where can i find out more?
You can find out more about me and my art by following me on twitter or checking out my tee shops/links..


Spreadshirt Shop


Zazzle shop

Zazzle shop, Real Ghost Shirts(based on real ghost stories/legends)



Future plans?
I have been telling stories and creating original characters for as long as I have been drawing.
I would like to get some of my work published be in book or graphic novel form. 
Also just getting my art out there. Making more awesome shirt designs, collaborating with daily tee sites. Travel to Japan!