Batman is one of those superheroes you think of as uber cool, he roams the night in his cool car, has loads of gadgets to fight the criminals and he is a rich playboy by day.
Batman or the Dark Knight or Caped Crusader, whoever name you want to refer to him is a tortured soul, when you look at him you think yes, I want to be just like him, he has everything someone could want but when you start scratching just below the surface you realise there is more.
I love the complexity of the character and the fact that yes Batman is a superhero but not like Superman who you would consider whiter than white but Batman will cut a few more corners and take a few more risks to get the bad guys.
The complexity of Bruce Wayne and Batman is what makes Batman cool. The fact that he stalks the night look for the criminals makes Batman mysterious and frightening as he carries the Batman moniker.
There is another part of the Batman myth that appeals; it is the fact that as a comic book superhero he is still very accessible to all of us.
This is because he does not have any superpowers, is not an alien but an regular person admit tingly  a very rich regular person, who’s fight for justice has been borne out years of hard training to get both his mind and body in the right physical shape and the cool gadgets help a bit as well.
There have been a number of different versions of Batman, and if you look at the TV and movie medium you have the camp crusader of the sixties. There were the Burton movies of the nineties which had a darker tone and cartoonish characters to the even darker and realistic tones of the Nolan trilogy.
The character first appeared in Detective Comics 27 in 1939. Batman gained its own title in 1940 and has since gone on from strength to strength.
There have been a number of different characters taking on the mantle of Batman, although the Bruce Wayne has been the first Batman and returned to the role many times.
You can't talk about Batman without talking about some of his arch nemesis obviously the most famous of these is the Joker. Other villains have included the Riddler, Penguin, Catwoman, Scarecrow and Bane.
Did you know?
  • Robin, the boy wonder was supposed to appear in only one issue of the comic Detective 38. After that issue sold double what it normally sold, the editor at the time decided to keep him (Robin).
  • Batman fought Dr Doom before the Fantastic Four ever did in Detective Comics 158 (April 1950)
  • One of the seminal graphic novels over the last 30 years has been Batman: The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller, but did you know when first published, the novel actually got negative reviews from a lot of reviewers. What do reviewers know about comics anyway! 🙂
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