What is one of the most recognisable gaming icons of all time? You will be right if you say a certain Italian plumber, or a particular ape. But we not are not talking about those icons, Here at Geek Shirts HQ we will come back to those 2 another time.


Think about a piece of pic with a segment missing and coloured yellow. That is right, it is of course PAC-man. PAC-man has endured lasting success and popularity over the years due to its simplistic but very addictive game. Its simple graphics makes accessible for everyone, on any gaming platform. As for gaming shirts, there are literally hundreds of designs to choose from. PAC-man is one of the favourites for video game shirts designers.


This is my ultimate list of my favorite PAC Man shirts available. 


20. Level 1 PAC Man T-shirt

Here is the classic level 1 PAC-man shirt, this shirt still looks amazing and it a part of video games history. The start of a massive franchise.




19. PAC Moon T-Shirt

This shirt is designed by choubaka360 from the french version of  Threadless. Originally limited to only 500. The moon makes a PAC-Man inspired design.




18. Heather PAC Man Shirt 

Good understated design




17. Busted T Shirt




16. Evolutionary Shirt 

If you want a history lesson in a t shirt, this is the shirt for you. Show how the iconic video game characters have evolved over the years.




15. Gold Foil PAC man shirt 

A bit of bling bling brought to the world of PAC-Man in this gold foil PAC-man shirt. 




14. A legend was born shirt 

I really like this tee from the designer shanty shawn. Taking inspiration from the classic that is PAC Man. Any one will like the graphic artwork seen on this shirt. Definitely one of my favourites. 




13. Rugby PAc-Man Shirt 

A rugby ball in the guise of PAC-Man. An interesting idea that looks cool on a shirt.




12. Pakku Man Shirts

This shirt is based on an acient Japanese print, that belonged to the creator of PAC-Man. The print was unearthed recently in a wareshouse as it was originally thought to be missing. It is now believed that this print is the original inspiration behind PAC-Man. A great shirt that would look good on anyone. The artwork is fantastic.




11. PAC-Man Rehabilitation Clinic T-Shirt 

Another excellent shirt using the iconic imagry of PAC-Man.




10. The Madness Of Mission 6

This PAC Man inspired shirt has a space mission theme. 




9. Run PAC-Man Shirt  

This shirt has the members of RUN DMC with the heads of some of the PAC Man characters super imposed as their heads.




8. Teamwork Shirt

A great shirt with a unique twist on PAC Man, this time teaming up with another gaming icon.




7.Arcadeology Shirt

 Another great twist on the classic image of PAC-Man chasing a ghost.




6. Vapour Chase – PAC-Man On Wheels Shirt

This shirt is brilliant. A survivor in a post-apocalyptic world evades deadly phantoms at every turn. Living off of canned fruit, his only glimmer of hope is a fabled power source that will vanquish the undead and restore hope to humanity




5. PAC Man Crossing Shirt

I really like this shirt as it is a great take on the famous Beatles album cover, Abby road. 




4. Japanese PAC Man T-shirt

Authentic Japanese lettering gives this shirt, a limited edition 



3. Pac-Man Mens T-Shirt – Clutter Filled Game Associated Art Image A simple design that looks stylish.




2. PAC-Man Tee

A funny shirt with a great unique design. 




1. Level 256 PAC-Man Shirt 




We started with a level 1 PAC-man shirt so I thought we would finished with the highest level you can reach in PAC Man, level 256.  Strictly speaking level 256 does not exist, but once level 255 is completed, the game simply breaks. It stays on the level 256 screen. It is a great shirt design.


I hope you all enjoyed the shirts that I have listed. Let me know if there are any shirts that you would like to see in this countdown.


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