What is your favorite Star Trek shirt? There are a hell of a lot of Star Trek shirts available but I wanted to show a few based upon the recent Star Trek reboot. There some licensed shirts and original designs.    

I remember there was a mixed reaction from hardcore Trekkies, I personally loved the new movie.  

These Sci-Fi shirts are excellent and make a brilliant addition to the Star Trek shirts universe. 

Apparently the recent reboot has made Star Trek sexy. We at Geek Shirts HQ has always thought Star Trek was sexy

Enjoy the list and remember Live Long And Prosper! 


Trek Rebooted

Star Trek T ShirtA great shirt from the designer Matt Simner, Not the type of reboot I was thinking about when putting together this article, but such original 'take' on the Star Trek reboot



Star Trek XI Enterprise Crew

Now when I was talking about the Star Trek reboot, I was speaking about Star Trek XI. This shirt has the new crew of the starship Enterprise.



Star Trek Engineering Uniform T-Shirt

I had to include a shirt based on the Star Trek uniform. There is the yellow command officer shirt or the blue science officer shirt but this is  my favevourite shirt.  The red engineering shirt , I like , not only because of  the colour, but remember in the original series, it would always be the guy in the. red. who. meets a sticky end



Delta Sheild Shirt

I love the understated design of this shirt. I think this one will make any one look good.



To Boldly G…. Shirt

Geeky ShirtI can't do a star trek t shirt countdown without a shirt showing the Starship Enterprise. This fresh design is by Steve Harvey.



There you go, some excellent shirts inspired by the Star Trek reboot. 

Let me know what you think of the shirts, and visit Geek Shirts HQ Facebook Page and Twitter for exclusive news of more geek shirts.