Welcome to another in my series on TWISTED geek shirts. (Check out the Twisted Space Invaders Shirts) Where a popular subject has been given a new twist.

This week it's the the turn of The Avengers and no I am not talking about the old British TV Series from the sixties,

The Avengers are a superhero team from the Marvel universe.

Now the Avengers are a crossover as it takes established characters from their own stories and puts them together to fight a coining foe and each other!

The shirts are all original designs that have a great twist on the Avengers.

There are five of my favourite shirts. I hope you like them, why not leave a comment below or like my Facebook page for exclusive content and competitions.



Puerto Rico Shirt

Avengers Tees

This shirt is brilliant, a blatant rip off, in some dodgy shop, who knows what Marvel have in store maybe characters from Avatar and DC comics will be joining The Avengers.



8 bit Avengers Shirt

Avengers Tees, Avengers Shirt

This 8-Bit Avengers Shirt features pixelated images of Thor, Captain America, Iron Man and the Incredible Hulk. This would have been so much better than the X-Men Nintendo game we bought in 1989.




Avengers Geek TShirt, Avengers Geek Tees

A simple yet effective shirt which displays a symbol that is synonymous with each superheroe that makes up The Avengers. 



Helio Avengers Shirt

Hello Avengers Tees, Hello Avengers T-shirt

What happens when you mash up Hello Kitty and The Avengers? This highly original shirt. 



Iron Man Angry Bird Shirt

Iron Man Angry Bird Tees Shirt

You can get Angry Bird versions of all the characters from The Avengers, this one happens to be my favorite.




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