Space the final frontier…. These are the voyages of the oops sorry! When it comes to Star Trek I get a bit carried away!


Anyway, let me get back to another in Geek Shirts HQ Twisted Series. If you are not familiar with this series, check out my earlier aricles from the series.


Get to know my Twisted Series


Now you are know what my Twisted Series is all about, let's get back to one my favourite subjects Star Trek!


Yes I am a geek and I love Star Trek. Is that a bit of a stereo type? I don't care.



These are the shirts I picked out as they are five of my favourite designs. 



5. Live long …. And  Brains  shirt  

 geeky tshirt

  You remember evil Spock from the alternate universe, well I think this Spock is one hundred worse.




4. Trek Wars


  I love this shirt, it just feels so wrong and so weird. A simple idea but extremely effective.




3. Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizards, Spock Symbols Shirt

  A great shirt by Aimee Stewart. Fans of The Big Bang Theory and Star Trek will be familiar with this shirt.




2. Scotty's Starship Repair Shop Shirt


  Ever wondered what Scotty did after he retired from Star Fleet. Now you know he had his own little business in Scotland, Designed by T shirt designer Chuffy.




1. Trek Fiction  

  This is one cool shirt. Who would have that you could cross Pulp Fiction and Star Trek.