Welcome to a new series of editorials from Geek Shirts HQ, the "Twisted" Series!

These editorials will focus on the top geek shirts that are available for purchase. But there will be a difference, the shirts in this series will all have an unusual spin on the subject matter.

These are my favourite kind of geek shirts, the ones that have an unusual designs, they really show off the designers imagination and they are lots of original concept designs being produced.


Let me know what you think of any of them, leave a comment here and check out my Facebook page for more updates on Geeky T Shirts.


We are going to start off the series with one a "perennial classic, Space Invaders. The game was first released in 1978 by Taito.

Did you know?

  • The original idea was for the aliens to be human soldiers, this idea was quickly cut due to the game developer did not want to send the message that it was ok to shoot people
  • The game was so popular on its release in Japan, it caused a coin shortage until the country's Yen supply was quadrupled.
  • The game caused a mini crime wave in Japan as youths were caught trying to steal money just so they could play Space Invaders.



My Top 5 Twisted Space Invaders Game T Shirts



Space Invaders Rules Retro Arcade Shirt

A great simple concept for a shirt, simply showing the instructions for the coin – operated version of game 



Space Invaders Argyle Shirt

A great original twist with two geek passions rolled into one, argyle prints and space invaders.



Space Invaders They're Coming

I love the classic design of this excellent shirt, the design is so retro and cool.



UFO Invaders T-Shirt Basic Dark

In this design you get to see what the aliens may look like up and personal.



Space Invaders Flag

In remembrance of the the soldiers who lost their lives during the war with the space invaders, the United States have unfurled their new flag.



Another great shirt from the British brand Joystick Junkies, this time, instead of invaders, they have skulls instead.