The big bang theory is a comedy show where the main protaganists are all nerds. Their world is turned upside down when a stunning blonde moves in across the hall from them.  The creators we have to thank for this show are Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.
The characters Leonard Hofstadter portrayed by Johnny Galecki, Sheldon Cooper portrayed by Jim Parsons are physicists  working at California institute of Technology. The supporting characters include Howard Wolowitz portrayed by Simon Helberg, an aerospace engineer and Rajesh Koothrathpalli, a astrophysicist.  
The show portrays these geeks as super intelligent but struggle with the so called normal things in life. It also shows other peoples reaction to geeks in the form of the female lead in the show Penny played by Kaley Cuoco. Penny has the social skills and common sense, the nerds are lacking. 
The first initial pilot was very different to the show in its current form. The only characters that remain from the first pilot is Leonard and Sheldon. The pilot included 2 female leads, Amanda Walsh as Katie,a  streetwise woman, who after a breakup with her boyfriend ends up living  with  Leonard and Sheldon. The other female lead is a character called Gilda portrayed by Iris Bahr, a collegue and friend who is threatened by Katie's presence. The series was not picked up but was given another chance with a different premise. The show was given a second pilot, this time it was commissioned into a series and the rest as they say is history.

The original pilot never offically aired but copies of it have been circulating the internet for a while. I  have seen the original  pilot myself and it was very cool to watch the origins  of the show. You can check it out as well and let me know what you think. i bet you notice the changes straight away! Sheldon's voice is deeper and less geeky in the pilot.   Who  knows, there  may even. Be an alternative universe story line  in the near future involving the premise of the original pilot.  Now that would be great idea. 
big bang theory cast
The catchy theme tune was recorded by the Canadian rock band Barenaked Ladies which has become a successful ITune download in its own right. I bet most of you, who are fans of the show, must know the theme tune extremely well.
The series is now one of the most successful comedy shows to come out of America in a long time. The show is so successful, not only with geeks but with the mainstream as they all get to know geek culture.
The Big Bang Theory has won a number of awards including the Peoples Choice Award for favorite comedy in 2010. Jim Parsons has won 2 Emmy Awards for Outstanding Lead Actor in a Comedy Series. In 2011 Parsons was awarded a Golden Globe for Best Performance by an actor in a television series – comedy or musical.     
The big bang theory has been a show case for nerdy culture and in particular Sheldon's taste in geek shirts, which have been inspired by a number of different genres including comic books, sci-fi or even the latest video game.
The Big Bang Theory has showcased the variety of geek shirts that are available on the market at the moment. As an avid fan, I  am always looking forward to seeing the latest Flash inspired geek shirt, or the latest Star Trek shirt that Sheldon and the rest of the gang wear.
The Big Bang Theory now has its own range of Sheldon inspired geek shirts, which are very popular to the masses and changed our outlook "Geek and Nerdy Fashion".   
Who would have thought that four geeks would create a fashion craze that the shirts they wear on the shows are selling like hotcakes and usually out of stock due to their high demands! They have become collectors item and must have to anyone who are fashionista wanna be and everyone who are into "coitus"!
Here is my ultimate collection of Big Bang Theory t shirts, the shirts that are featured are based on the Big Bang Theory. There are also t shirts that cast members have worn during the tv show. You will see a lot of the cool t shirts that Sheldon and the rest of the gang often wear!
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Hope you enjoyed the huge list of t shirts, let me know what you think of this cool collection of Big Bang Theory t shirts and also what you would have liked to see included in the comments below!