Spiderman is one of my favourite superheroes. Why do you ask? I bet most of you don't care but I will tell you anyway?
Spiderman is one of those superheroes who are super cool, the chicks love him but at the same time when he is just Peter Parker, he seems ordinary or less than ordinary, awkward, finding it difficult to fit into social circles. It makes Spiderman accessible to everyone. Makes Spidey look human and gives me the impression that anyone can be a superhero.
When Spiderman was first introduced in 1962, he was considered ground-breaking due to his real identity as Peter Parker, being the nerd and going through the teenage angst that many of their readers find themselves in, and actually subsequently this part of his life was also depicted in the comic books, animated series and movies. This was not the norm for superheroes having an everyman alter ego. And has what made Spiderman, well in my opinion at least an enduring success.
Spiderman is one of those Marvel superheroes that everyone knows; I think I can say that Spidey as I like to call him is probably Marvel's Flagship character.
Spiderman has featured in countless comic series since he was first introduced in the early sixties. There have been lots of animated series, a live action series, obviously the massively successful films starring Tobey Maguire and now the brand new reboot. There is even been a Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off The Dark.
Due to how massively popular Spiderman has been. There have even been other versions of the web crawler. Have you ever heard of Spider-Man India? Taking the Spiderman story to India with Indian characters, it ran as a 4 issue series in 2004 and has since been republished in the USA.
There has been lots of super villain, fighting Spiderman, the most famous arch enemies are probably, The Green Goblin, Doctor Octopus and Venom, who is my personal favourite.
I am not going to get into how Spiderman got his powers, I think that story has been told many times and I think we are ALL familiar with it now. however, most of the villains that Spiderman has battled have also gained their powers through a scientific accident.
Did You Know
  • Spider-Man, the comic hero, was originally created by Stan Lee, with artist Steve Ditko in 1962 for an issue of Amazing Fantasy.
  • Spiderman has been part of the other Marvel Superhero teams, including The Fantastic Four and The Avengers
  • Did you know that Spiderman liked to talk dirty, if you don't believe me check out the comic book panel below?
Now due to the massive success of Spiderman I decided to create a huge list of my favourite Spidey tees, I don't own these all of these shirts, however if my budget was unlimited, then maybe just maybe is would. There are a lot of Spiderman t shirts out there, so it was very easy to create a huge list of Spiderman t shirts; however it was a lot harder to get them down to 100 Spiderman tees.
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