Welcome to a Special Edition of the Geek Shirts HQ News Digest.

In today's edition there is loads of Post Christmas Sales News and lots of new tee releases.

What Is New At Redbubble?

Boba Fett: Mandalorian Stud Shirt

by AWESwanky
Boba Fett Mandalorian Stud Shirt

Isengard Uruk-Hai / Mordor Orcs T-Shirts

by kgullholmen
Isengard Uruk-Hai  Mordor Orcs Shirt

That's all Folks! T-Shirt

by Adho1982
That's all Folks Shirt

New From T Shirt Hell 

If you like to be exposed to other cultures, then I think you will like this new tee from T Shirt Hell.

Expose Yourself To Other Cultures T Shirt

Expose Yourself To Other Cultures T Shirt

Sale Over At SuperheroStuff

5 off sale superhero t shirts

You can get a cool discount on some of their new tees

Batman Dark Knight Rises Costume T Shirt

Batman Dark Knight Rises Costume T Shirt
I like this Dark Knight Rises T Shirt, it makes my chest look good 🙂

Iron Man Track Star T Shirt

Iron Man Track Star T Shirt
Here we have a certain Mr Stark, thinking he can make it as a track star! some how I think someone at the Olympic committee will soon throw him, even if he is a superhero 

Sale at Truffle Shuffle

There is a sale at Truffle Shuffle with up to 80% off.
I found this cool tee in their sale as The Flash as always been one of my favorite characters.

The Flash V Neck T Shirt

Vintage The Flash DC Comics Print V-Neck T-Shirt

30%  Off At Threadless

There is 30% off at Threadless using the following coupon code:

Coupon Code: BOXING30

Check out some of their brand new designs as well

Welcome To Skull City T-Shirt

Designed by Wagner Nogueira
Welcome To Skull City Shirt
I like my skull tees, however it can be diifficult to come up with something original however love what has been done with this skull design.

Sale At Arkaik Clothing 

There is a fantastic 35% off using the following coupon code/

Coupon Code: ArkaikNewYear

You can check out some of their latest items, I have already ordered my charcoal arrow hoodie.

Sale at Hollow Clothing Co.


Lots of cool tees available from Hollow Clothing in their sale like the cool Bikes tee below

Hyperion Clothing Discount

 Everything's in their store has been marked down 30%! Tee's for as low as $8.40. 
You can now get their Skully Indian tee for an even cheaper price.

Skully Native T Shirt

Skully Native Tri-Blend Tee

Sale At Chargrilled Tees

You can get 15% off in Chargrilled Tees with the following coupon code:

Coupon Code: BOXING15

So you can get a discount on one of their new t releases like the one below

Decisions Decisions T Shirt

Decisions Decisions T Shirt

Sale Over At 10Deep

There is a cool sale over at 10Deep where you can get 20% off your order
Sale Over At 10Deep

 20% Off At Saint Kidd Clothing 

There  is 20% OFF their first collection of Saint Kidd Graphic T-shirts!! Don't miss out!!

Heart Plant T Shirt

Heart Plant T Shirt
A great design, loving the artwork, check out this cool new brand AND there is a sale as well of their graphic design t shirts.
Each tee comes hand wrapped in Saint Kidd paper and with a complimentary Quedagh Merchant tote bag.

Sale At House of Hoxshore

If you haven't checked out our sale yet hurry up! Sh*t is gonna be gone soon!

Jerry T Shirt

Jerry Tshirt
A cool tee with a nautical theme.

New Line at Cherry Sauce Clothing

Cherry Sauce Clothing, have some fantastic designs in their new collection including the sequel to their original Zombie Kingdom Tee.
This one is called Zombie Kingdom 2

Zombie Kingdom 2 T Shirt

Zombie Kingdom 2 T Shirt

Discount At DRTY Clothing

You can get a massive 25% discount from DRTY clothing using the following coupon code

Coupon Code: DRTY

Here is one of my favorites, their cool Skull sweatshirt

Skull Raglan Tee

Skull Raglan Tshirt

New Tees At Snorg Tees

Snorg Tees has three fantastic new tees, all are excellent designs, my favourite has to be the zombie tee.

Shamble To The Cure Zombie 5K Shirt

Shamble To The Cure Zombie 5K Shirt
A cool t shirt, love the design of the tee, very original 

Quantum Physics: Its Complicated Shirt

Quantum Physics It's Complicated Shirt
a brilliant t shirt design that would suit a certain member of The Big Bang Theory gang?

Top Of The Food Chain Tee

Top Of The Food Chain Shirt
A t shirt that is probably not for vegeterians

New From Venus Fallen

Sagen's Workshop T Shirt

Sagan's Workshop Shirt
Another cool new t shirt from Venus Fallen

Sale At XCVB Clothing

A sale at XCVB Clothing with up to 40% off. You can get tees like this cool Serpent Juice tee in their sale.

Serpent Juice T Shirt


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