I want to welcome back Steve o' Blenis to Geek Shirts HQ, Steve also known as Warbucks Design.
Steve has featured a number of times in the past and was indeed the first person I ever interviewed on Geek Shirts HQ, you can see more of the features that Steve has been involved in at the end of this feature.
Steve contacted me recently regarding a new site that is launching, the site jestertee.com is a daily tee site.
Before we get back to Steve, and when his designs will be appearing on Jestertee, we have Michael from Jestertee to tell you more about their launch.

Michael from Jestertee

My name is Michael and I am a local artist from south florida and i completely fell in love with the daily t-shirt craze. And wanted to branch out and expand the playground to give my fellow artists an even greater opportunity to showcase their talent.
JesterTee is a unique place where Awesome tees and Incredible Artist's come together to offer some of the most amazing limited-edition tee's you will ever see. 
Every 24 hours for only $10 dollars you will get the chance to snag the featured artist shirt of the day.
If for some reason you miss your chance to get your favorite artist's tee don't sweat it the Jester can take you back to yesterday to grab that awesome tee for just $12 dollars in the Rewind section.
The tee of the day and the rewind tee gets updated daily at 12:00 midnight  eastern time. All designs are printed using the silk screen method.
We will officially launch on December 5th Dark lord will be our premiere shirt. 
 Thanks Michael, now back to Steve and the tees that will be appearing on Jestertee over the coming month

Steve AKA Warbucks Design

Dark Lord 

The first design available on December 5th is called the Dark Lord.
This  design came along during the recent purchase of the Star Wars franchise by Disney. I wanted to do something for big event so I decided that it might be funny to do an early rendering of Darth Vader as Steamboat Willie.
It sounded like a difficult task but as I began to draw it really started to take form and has become one of my favorite pieces.
I hope you get a chance to pick one up and show your support for the new owner for the Star Wars franchise. I do have to say I'm excited to see what Disney can do with the franchise.


Billionaire Playboy Club

The next design available on December 11th is The Billionaire Playboy Club. This was a quick and fun design that I came up with for the Billionaire Playboys who have everything but decide to fight crime as a pass time. Now you can pretend to be a part of this elite club as well with the likes of Ironman and Batman!



December 16th will give you a chance to pick up another fun design for all you Big Bang Theory fans out there. This concept was a based on Sheldon and Leonard playing the part of Batman and Robin. It's not too far of a stretch since they love to dress up quite frequently as their favorite superheroes anyway.
I decided to use the elevator as the iconic symbol where the Batcave would be hidden. Its seen so much in the show and so rarely talked about that I thought it would be a perfect fit. It's the perfect holiday gift for all you Sheldon fanatics.


Adventure Time

Finally on December 21st, you'll finally have the opportunity to pick up Adventure Time before Xmas. My daughter loves watching Adventure time so I thought it was time to do something with that franchise and mix it together with another classic film, The Nightmare Before Christmas.
The famous scene of Jack standing in the shadows atop of the curved hill gave me the perfect opportunity to twist the to franchises into one. After a couple hours the design really came together and really stood out to me as a solid design as well as concept.
I've gotten a lot of compliments and questions about this design and I'm happy to give you the opportunity to pick up this fun shirt. If your a fun of Adventure Time or Nightmare Before Christmas, this could be the perfect shirt for you. I had a lot of fun designing it and I'm sure you'll have just as much fun wearing it.

December is going to be a great time for a Holiday Tee Block Party!Don't miss out during the month of December to pick up some of yourfavorite designs and also help kick off the start of a brand new tee site, www.jestertee.com. It's going to be a Happy Holiday to one and all!!

Angry Elf 

(Separate Holiday shirt – not sold on jestertee.com)
I've taken a break doing the holidays because things have been so hectic but it didn't seem right to not have a holiday design.
We recently sat down to watch the holiday classic "Elf" and one of my favorite lines stuck in my head "He's and Angry Elf". Being the the superhero lover that I am, I instantly thought of the Hulk and how it might be fun to see the Hulk as an angry elf.
The concept was based on a Dr. Suess book (since The Grinch is so popular) and really tried to get the crazy/colorful look that Suess gives to all his readers.
The final version really stood out as a fun and colorful shirt for the holidays with everyone's favorite green superhero as the star. I hope you can bring one home this holiday season. Check out my Facebook art page or Redbubble portfolio for more information.


Thanks to both Michael and Steve

Don't forget to check out the new site over at jestertee.com and don't forget to check out Warbucks Design Redbubble store as well.
I promised earlier some of the features that Steve has been featured in previously on Geek Shirts HQ.