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There is a major TV event happening this weekend, any ideas what that is?
Let me give you a few clues. Blue box? Longest running sci fi serial? 
Doctor Who!
I thought this would be the ideal time to have a doctor who shirt of the week. But this is a Doctor who t shirt with a difference
Do you like The wizard Of Oz?
Ever wondered what you would get if you crossed Doctir Who with Wizard of Oz?
Well you will get this weeks shirt of the week from Dan Wolfe
Wizard of Who By Dan Wolfe
Ler me get the creative genius behind this cook t shirt.
Over to you Dan.
A little background on the design for you first:
This one came up after a discussion with my son about the Cybermen. I think he mentioned how they were just a bunch of tin men and not nearly as bad as the Daleks, or something along those lines.
It took a few days for my brain to connect up the fact that scarecrows turned up in the Family of Blood episodes and after that Brannigan from the Gridlock episode suggested himself straight away.
I had a bit of a decision to make over who should be Dorothy, but after a long (internal) discussion I settled on Amy, she just seemed right for it. 
 Based the layout on the cover image for the Wizard of Oz and a few sketches later had a pretty good idea of how it was going to work.
I then its on to the computer and start twisting those vectors into the right shapes.
This design has had a great reception and its really nice to have something that I enjoyed making so much, get such great comments from everyone out there. You can find the design on Redbubble and Society6
Thanks a lot Dan, this tee has garnered a positive reaction from everyone who has seen it. You can check it out over at Dan's redbubble store.
If you want to stalk Dan further  (which I recommend) 🙂 You can at the following locations