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Normally when researching new shirt of the week, I search all over the internet to find a cool design to bring to you as a shirt of the week.
Well this time I didn’t have to do that as the design was sent to me via Twitter.
When I first saw the design I just had to include it as a shirt of the week.

Geek Shirts HQ Welcomes The Latest Shirt Of The Week.

Wizard Pest Control T-Shirt

by Crock Tees

Wizard Pest Control T-Shirt

Ever wondered what was it would be like to be in the Land of Oz?
Ever thought about pest control?
Would flying monkeys come under the remit of pest control?
Shall I stop asking so many questions?
I got Crock Tees to tell us more about this cool new design
As I am a big fan of vintage logo design I had thought about this particular design for a while.
Once Oz The Great and Powerful opened I thought it was the right time to make this tee.
The design all stemmed from the best boss killing ever…
A bucket of water in the Wizard of Oz.
Oz The Great and Powerful happens 30 years earlier from the original film at the turn of the century.
And I wanted to add some of the great design from the new film in my new design.
The turn of the century was a time of Art Nouveau, which translated into some of the longest lasting brandings of the United States. 
Coca-Cola and GE among others started around this time. 
I thought my logo needed an ornamental feeling, that is was just short of too much. 
And if you at the designs of the period you will see the ornamental feeling which is a level achieved often during that age.

Wizard Pest Control T-Shirt  2  

If you go see the film, pay attention to the details.  Among the fantasy is a great period piece.
Artwork was created with Photoshop, with small pieces in Illustrator for the vector elements. 
Thanks for a great write up and insight into your latest design.

Wizard Pest Control T-Shirt  crock tees

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