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This week we have Stephen O’Blenis AKA Warbucks Designs with a design that has caused a bit of a stir on the internet over the last week weeks.
It is Steve’s design Wizneyland.
Let me get Steve to tell you more about this design and what happened a few weeks ago.
Wizneyland by Warbucks t shirts

Wizneyland T-Shirt

Designing shirts is addictive. Coming home after a long day and throwing down on paper the ideas that have been running through your head. Some wind up straight in the waste basket but others start to develop into something that resembles a good idea; sometimes great.
There is a certain pleasure that you get from designing t-shirt art. The personal satisfaction that you've created something you'd be happy to put in your portfolio or if you are lucky a design that you might see someone wearing on the street.
Have you ever wondered who is wearing your design? Is it your neighbour, friend, mom or dad? Most likely a stranger you've never met but is proud to show off their new one of a kind shirt which everyone asks where it was bought. But what if someone famous in television or movies is wearing it? Would you know? Well fortunately in my case I recently found out.
 I'm not sure if you watch but I'm sure you're familiar with a TV show named "Glee".
The show has become so big that it's even made it to the big screen. "Glee" has lots of characters with tremendous talent and I was lucky enough to find out that one of them had purchased one of my shirts.

His name is Chris Colfer, better known as "Kurt Hummel" on the TV show Glee.

He is a Golden Globe winner and a two-time Emmy nominee.
He is also a New York Times #1 bestselling author and publisher of "Struck by Lightning" and "The Wishing Spell".
Chris Colfer was also named one of Time magazine's 100 most influential people in the world in 2011

And you know what else, he was wearing one of my shirts.

Chris Colfer owns my 'Wizneyland T-Shirt" design and had worn it to practice which shortly after posted a picture of himself wearing it in the studio.
Chris Colfer fashion t shirts
"Wizneyland T-Shirt" was one of my first designs I created when I jumped into the designing business.
It's a mash up between Harry Potter and the Walt Disney logo which was first featured on Qwertee and has still continued to be very popular.
I've received multiple emails about buyers who have worn it to Disney World and Universal Studios Orlando where they were approached by many individuals asking where they bought the shirt.
Even my own family have worn the shirt as a group to Disney World and received numerous comments. Can designers wear their own shirts? I suppose if they are with their family its fine.
It's just amazing as a designer to actually see who is wearing your work and is proud to show it off to the rest of the world. It doesn't matter if they're famous, your next door neighbour or your family, it's the fact that people appreciate your work and I appreciate their support. It’s an amazing feeling.
I'd like to thank Chris Colfer and everyone like him who owns a "Wizneyland" shirt or any other Warbucks Design.
You are the reason we designers do what we do. We want others to enjoy our work and that is hands down the greatest feeling in the world. It definitely keeps me going and I'm sure other artists feel the same way. I love being a designer and I hope you continue to find my work enjoyable.
Be sure to check out Warbucks Design for the latest news and designs at facebook. I hope to hear from you.
Wizneyland by Warbucks t shirt

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