Welcome to the Geek Shirts HQ Designer Unlocked Interview Series where we put the best independent designers under the spotlight
Here is a guy who calls himself a Whovian and a Browncoat, I call him an awesome designer. I am talking about Zerobriant
I heard Zerobriant suffers from a condition call Tardinitous, it’s an obsession with blue boxes. However I have found  out how he designs, as his PC at home is built into a blue box and most of his home décor resembles blue boxes. Enough of blue boxes!
When not being obsessed with you know what! Zerobriant is an awesome designer, to prove this point, he was chosen as one of the initial designers to be chosen as part of the new Design By Humans design collective.
In a previous life he was a regular Florence Nightingale, however now days he can be seen pimping it up in his own night club. I heard he on his way to make his fortune, before you end up becoming the next Hugh Hefner, we have an interview to finish. You really do lead a complicated life.

Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Zerobriant, the latest designer to get unlocked.

Can you start by giving some background about yourself? Where you are from? What is your background? How did you get into design?
I am a graduate of Fine Arts major in Advertising, 2 months after graduation a big printing company hired me as a graphic artist, with no working experience and with 20 other applicants on the line, I was chosen because I asked more questions rather than answering the interviewer. 8 months later my sibling needed assistance in school regarding translations (she does not understand a local dialect because she was raised from another city) I offered her my time, I went to college again to take bachelor of nursing. Fast forward to working as a registered nurse in a hospital, then a ship and finally a huge corporation, they paid me extra to do their graphic designs and creative newspaper adverts. So the talent was never wasted, the passion always existed.
I only started displaying my works in the internet when I joined worth1000 Photoshop contest, manipulating photos then into creating logos. Until a patient of mine noticed my work and told me about a t-shirt design contest on the interwebs. Big cash prizes and celebrity-like status if you win. I was excited and gave it a try so I joined designbyhumans.com. My first winning tee was my second submission it won, the shirt of the week then the shirt of the month. I was so overwhelmed I started making more on my free time. A light from the sky cleared a path to where I am supposed to be.
One and a half year later, I have tons of awesome artist friends from around the globe, another ton of printed tees and virtually lots of invitations for a print and pioneering a new tee site.

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 I think Zerobriant is a really cool name!  Where did you get the name from?
My real name is Anthony Brian Villafuerte, during high school my friends would call me Brian, but most of the kids in the block have the same name. I thought Brianthony would be neat but it sounded awkward and long. After watching the movie “Hackers”
A really cool character had a code name “zerocool” So I said to myself why not?
 Where do you get your inspiration for your designs?
I usually design something that I am familiar with. I always grab popcorn and some soda before I make a design, I watch the whole movie, start with episode one of the series, read the books of the trilogy and even become a fan of their site. Well, I find if I immersed myself pretty well with the stories I get some ideas and become inspired to create something really awesome.

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When you create a new t shirt design, what is sort of process do you follow?
Pretty simple, after watching the movie I wanted to create a design for, I sleep, I dream about it. Then I jump off my bed straight to the internet and search if the idea is the first or not. At this point I am  into the drawing boards, make some sketches, scan or not then open Photoshop. And spend the next 2 hours to 3 days in front of the computer.
Looking at your own portfolio what is your favourite design and why?
I have designs I call instant and chronic, a perfect example of an instant design is the Stare Down Contest, after watching 2 episodes from 2 different seasons a light bulb burst inside my head and started drawing the design which was finished and submitted in less than 3 hours. It was my favourite because it was the most talked about design in the Whoniverse

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What current projects are you working on now? And can we get an exclusive peek?
Currently I am trying to work for a Licensed design. I am still watching a lot of Breaking Bad shows and NCIS. I mostly post my WIP on my page, so following me on Facebook would pretty much be a great idea 😉 and of course more Doctor Who, I never seem to run out of ideas for the awesome show!
Who are your favourite designers?
I am really impressed with works of Godmachine, Olly Moss, Jeff Finley, Tyler Stout, Glennz, Alex Solis, they inspire me. My favourite designers that are also my friends are found in the RBC group in Facebook..TMTM.

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Do you try to convey any message in your designs?
When I was creating designs for DBH, they called me the conceptual artist, my artwork has a lot of hidden messages. But mostly with the pop-culture designs the artwork has some messages that only the fans of the show can understand. Actually every design I create has a message which says “Buy me!”
The Design By Humans Collective has recently been launched and you have a store part of that. Is there anything you can tell me about your new store over at DBH?
The store is about pure awesomeness, which I also wrote there! The store features my best-selling designs and the ones that made me feel like a real Whovian (a Doctor Who fanatic) This is the first time DBH is going to sell pop-culture designs in full scale and I am thrilled at same time feeling eccentric.

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Star Wars Or Star Trek? Which Do you prefer
(in an asthmatic voice) I am you’re your uncle's brother who is the favourite grandson of your great great grandmothers husband…khan.
Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
 Dang! I hate this question, if I answer this does it mean the world will not end by December of this year? LOL. Well I say I’ll be better than this year, inside the penthouse of a Zerobriant Tower located in New York City (next to Stark’s), with 6000++ employees and has at least eight digit figures monthly personal earnings. No debts, no enemies, loved by many and a philanthropist. Yeah, too ambitious by hey that is a goal 🙂 Free zerobriant tees everywhere!
What other interests and hobbies do you have when you’re not designing? I take photos of people partying, getting drunk and wild. I happened to be a part owner of a famous club in Cebu, and aside for being a board member my task is to seize the moment, to capture the expressions, to eternalize the emotions of fun, by our visitors and celebrity guest who are dancing the night away in our club.
I love wakeboarding, scuba diving and travelling. Well with most of my travels at least one of the hobbies mentioned was the reason for it.

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Do you have any advice for budding designers?
Go for it, find what you love doing, what you love watching, what inspires you and then the people that surrounds that world you love will love you back. Give and you shall receive.

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Anyone you want to give a shout out to?
My website that used to be zerobriant.com is now zerobriant.net and it is paid for the next ten years! Please visit it for my latest blog and what-knots. The site has advice and I will put some tutorials in there soon!
Also thank you so much for this amazing opportunity to be interviewed and this is one of the reasons that make me want to do more and aim to make the best artworks the fans can relate to.
Where is the best place to find your designs and buy some of your shirts? And of course get in contact with you
My friends are mostly on Facebook, twitter and tumblr. I usually make the same announcements on three main social networks so you can choose one you desire. It you love to visit my store check-out my website for more.
One last question, when you going to design a Firefly shirt as I am a massive fan? 🙂
I have tons of Firefly designs, see them at my redbubble store!
 I am a Browncoat as well!

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