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This week we have found a t shirt that is just right for the Halloween holiday.
It is a cool new tee from 604Republic
Heard of the Muppets?
Do you like zombies?
Thinking what you doing answering questions when you want to look at t shirts?
If you answered yes then you are going to love the following t shirt featuring Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

Available at 604 Republic 

Here are two of the most popular characters from Sesame Street as you have never seen them before.
If you are into zombies, Sesame Street and rubber ducks then this is the perfect t shirt fir you. i just thought what an interesting combination!
I think Bert And Ernies days on children's TV are finished, however I do see them with a new career in horror films.
Bert & Ernies Nightmare On Elm Street.
Or what about a career as a walking vegetables now they are zombies
Some how I think their new career options are limited. But they do have each other, heard that they BOTH share the same bed! Wink Wink
A great screen printed design that is printed super soft cotton. The tee is also pre shrunk so you shouldn't have any accidents when washing this awesome tee. The bottom hem and sleeves are double needle.
The shirt itself looks of good quality and as you can see is tagless at the back, which if you don't already know I have a preference for.
The shirt looks great with great line work and the choice of muted colours makes the design a little under stated but works well with the subject matter.
This cool tee is available for purchase over at 604Republic right now.

Available at 604 Republic

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