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New In Headline Shirts

Luchador Tricycle T-Shirts

Luchador Tricycle t shirts

What's New At Redubble

We have two new designs over at Redubble, all from new designers never before featured here at Geek Shirts HQ. 

Bret "The Hitman" Hart T-Shirt

by SwiftWind
Bret The Hitman Hart  T SHIRTS

Kodiak Moment T-Shirt

By Bliz
Kodiak Moment T SHIRTS

New Releases From Troll Tees

Team Seeker 07 Harry Potter Quidditch T Shirt

Potter 07 Team Seeker - Hogwarts T SHIRTS

Anonymous Expect Us All T Shirt

Anonymous - Expect Us Troll Tees

Dark Bunny Tees Doctor Who Collection

If you are not aware 🙂 we are in the year of the 50th anniversary of Doctor Who, Dark Bunny Tees have an officially licensed collection of Doctor Who t shirts, they are releasing one Doctor Who and iconic monster t shirt every month during 2013.
Here is the first Doctor Who t shirt in the collection based on the the first doctor, played by William Hartnell. 

I.M Forman: Scrap Merchant T Shirt

I.M. Foreman Scrap Merchant T SHIRTS

Hype Geek T Shirt

Hype are one of my favourite street wear brands from the UK, but you wouln't really associate their stuff with Geeky tees, well I didn't think so until i saw this wicked tee from Hype featuring one of the most iconic geeks of all time Albert Einstein.

Hype Einstein Tee


Suck Clothing New Summer Collection

Suck Clothing has just released their new Summer collection, it looks pretty awesome you can check it out at their online store here
They have also released a limited edition tee, get it quick before it goes, as this cool tee I think will sell out quick.

Stoned Pigeon T-Shirt

Stoned Pigeon T SHIRTS

New From Road Kill T Shirts

Zombie Apocalypse T Shirt

A new release from Road Kill T Shirts, and a tee you will soon see in my upcoming Zombie t shirts feature.

Geek Shirts HQ News

We have Ratigan Designs in the latest Designer Unlocked Interview.
Tee Tee, a brand new daily tee site is the latest brand to get undressed.
 Remember some of the older lists of t shirts that have been featured
COMING SOON!  There will be a Twisted Deadpool T-Shirt List and loads of others.

The Geek Illusion Tee

Aee4v2zIHlc1s4JlhzVUR0nbK6RArjGTUSi0vsj3uYY Yabba Dabba Doo T Shirt And Decorated Nerd Tees

Have you check out the Illusion tee over at the GSHQ store?

When working on a tee where I wanted to incorporate a logo, i was thinking of an original way to include the GSHQ glasses onto a t shirt.
I decided to turn the logo on its side and give the impression it is hanging out of a pocket, not a real pocket but a virtual pocket instead, well in this digital age, every thing is becoming virtual, why not pockets icon smile Yabba Dabba Doo T Shirt And Decorated Nerd Tees

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