I love zombie tees, and on line you can find a fantastic range of zombie tees that you can buy, all of which are original designs.
Some of my favourite movies are zombie movies from the Evil Dead trilogy to Shaun Of The Dead, I love these films with actors playing slow moving corpses wearing.dodgy make up.
I don't know where my fascination with these movies came from, but I remember watching the very first Evil Dead as a youngish child when it was called a video nasty, I had nightmares for weeks but I was hooked,
Anything that has a zombie in it, I have to watch, it doesn't matter what the critics say about the movie and how dire it is, I will watch it and enjoy it. It was because of my fascination with zombies that inspired to write this feature.

Before we get to the actual t shirts, her are some little known facts about zombies.

  • Do not give a Zombie Red Bull. The last thing you want to do is give a slow moving zombie wings.
  • Do not refer to a zombie as a zink, zigger or zonky. They find it to be racially offensive
  • Zombies enjoy the music of Britney Spears, this proves the long held theory you have to be brain dead to enjoy her music.
  • Zombies are not happy with the way they have been represented in the movies as mindless flesh eaters. They did take Hollywood to court over this but the case was thrown out due to the judge being eaten.
  • Zombies don't go to parties as they tend to be dead and full of stiffs.
  • You may think zombies are always moving, look for living flesh to devour but zombies actually get tired very quickly, this is due to then being dead on their feet.
Now on to the tees themselves, I have tried to include as many different types of designs in the feature.
I could have easily put together a list of more than 100 zombie tees but I wanted to create a list of quality not quantity, remember size doesn't matter! 🙂
Zombie Attack 50 Awesome T Shirts

Here it is 50 Of The Best Zombie T Shirts you can find anywhere and trust me I have looked everywhere! 


50. Zombeat T Shirt

Designed by Faithi_dhia from Indonesia, a colour almost cartoonish design.

49. Brain Dead T Shirt

Brain Dead T Shirt
Here is one of my favourite designs being represented in this list.

48. Live Long And Brains T Shirt

A design by Shanty Shawn from the USA. an unusual design featuring a zombie Spock!. Shawn loves designing zombie tees as you will see in this list.

47. Zombie's Dream Land T Shirt

Zombie's Dream Land t-shirt
It's Kirby as a zombie.

46. Spartan Infected T Shirt

spartan infected T SHIRTS
This unusual tee was designed by fourscore from Indonesia. I really like he detail in this cool design.

45. Zombie Spiderman T Shirt

Spiderman Zombie Funny T-Shirt
I love the detailed artwork in this cool design.

44. I Was A Zombie Before I Was Cool T Shirt

Designed by Fourscore again, I really like this tee, would be perfect as a new logo for GSHQ!

43. Zombie From Unknown T Shirt

A melted face that seems to be a zombie. A cool tee from play Dot Apparel

42. Run Zombies T shirt

Darkside Clothing Run Zombies Men's T-Shirt
Remember the old Run DMC t shirt from the eighties, well its been updated and now its more relevant for todays audience…. of zombies!

41. The Legend of Zombie Baby Tee

The Legend of Zombie baby tee
Here is a zombie mash up of Link from Legend of Zelda

40. Flesh is For Zombies T Shirt

Flesh Is For Zombies Go Vegetarian T-Shirt
A cool cartoon advert style t shirt, excellent design.

39. Shoot For The Head T Shirt

Shoot For The Head T Shirt
A cool inpretation of the classic Shaun Of The Dead Poster

38. If I Were A Zombie, I'd Eat You First T Shirt

If I Were A Zombie I'd Eat You First T Shirt
I really like this design, could make a great valentines present!

37. Shamble To The Cure Zombie 5K T Shirt

Shamble To The Cure Zombie 5K T Shirt
This could be the only time i ever win a race if i enter

36. Keep Calm And Run Zombies Are Coming T Shirt

Keep Calm And Run Zombies Are Coming T Shirt
A really cool zombie tee in the keep calm vein.
Dawn of the Doctor T Shirt
Are timelords zombies? Maybe they are?

34. Zombie Day At The Mall T Shirt

Zombie Day At The Mall T Shirt
This is what zombies do on a day out at the mall or shopping centre if you are British 🙂

33. Return Of The Living Dead Plumber T Shirt

Return Of The Living Dead Plumber T Shirt
Mario as a zombie, the artwork looks awesome on this t shirt.
Zombie evolution  T Shirt
Evolution, but this is zombie style1
Zombie Hunting Permit 2012 2013 T Shirt
i didn't know you needed a permit to hunt zombies. I like the detail in this t shirt design.

30. In Case Of Zombies T Shirt

In Case Of Zombies  T Shirt
Full instructions on what do to if you get attacked by a zombie.

29. Use Your Brain T Shirt

Use Your Brain T Shirt
I really like the artwork on this design and the colours work very well.

28. Which Side is Better? T Shirt

Which Side is Better T Shirt
An original concept, and a simple effective design

27. Zombie White T Shirt

Zombie White T Shirt
A very original t shirt from All Round Artiste

26. Hello Zombie T Shirt

Hello Zombie T-Shirt
Here is a interesting take on the Hello Kitty Franchise Zombie style!

25. Do The Zombie! T Shirt

Designed by Vcalahan. A cool tee that reminds me of the old posters in the sixties. 

24. Zombot T Shirt

Zombot t-shirt
First time I have seen a zombie robot.

23. The Undead T Shirt

Designed by Carbooth. Cool design and love the interesting way the colours have been used in this design.

22. Jurassic Zombie 2 T Shirt

Designed by Wolffinger, I really like this original design, looks awesome

21. Zombert and Zernie T Shirt

Zombert  Zernie t-shirtS
Two of the most iconic characters from Sesame Street are now zombies.

20. Teddy's Back T Shirt

Designed bby Vcalahan. I never thought I would see a zombie teddy bear on a t shirt!

19. Zombie Apocalypse T Shirt

I think American gun laws will be a lot more relaxed with zombies roaming.

18. Four Zombies T Shirt

Four Zombies t-shirt
This might be true where I live.

17. Keep Calm and Fight Zombies T Shirt

Fight Zombies t-shirt
What can I say about this tee, that has not been said in the title.

16. Zombey T Shirt

zOMBeY - Mens Shirt
A cool zombie parody t shirt.

15. Zombie Target Guide T Shirt

Zombie Target Guide T Shirt
If you don't know how to kill a zombie, wear this cool tee at all times.

14. Tattoo Tee Rockin Bones T Shirt

Tattoo Tee Rockin Bones T Shirt
Bret 'Hitman' Hart as you never seen him before as a zombie

13. The Living Dead Strikes Back T Shirt

The Living Dead Strikes Back T Shirt
A classic poster from the Empire Strikes Back given a zombie twist.

12. Pop Zombie T Shirt

Here is one of my favourite designers Beast Wreck with this awesome zombie design.

11. Zombie Viking T Shirt

Zombie Viking T Shirt
A brilliant piece of artwork on a t shirt. The line work is very intricate.

10. I Want Your Brains T Shirt

I Want Your Brains Tee
A cool take on the classic Uncle Sam poster.

9. Zombies At Tiffanys T Shirt

Zombies At Tiffanys T Shirt
Another excellent zombie tee based on a classic movie. This tee was designed by Marion Cromb

8. The Good, The Bad, The Undead T Shirt

The Good The Bad The Undead T-Shirt
What would have happend, if all westerns were about zombies.

7. Zombie Walk  T Shirt

Zombie Walk  T Shirt
Designed by Ruby Red. I love the concept of this cool tee.

6. Zombies Have More Fun T Shirt

Zombies Have More Fun T-Shirts
A great piece of artwork but do they really have more fun.

5. My Zombie Pony T Shirt

My Zombie Pony t-shirt
Now I have seen it all! A zombie from My Little Pony!

4. I Heart Zombies T Shirt

I LOVE Zombie T-shirts
I love the lettering used in this cool tee.

3. Zombie Eat Flesh T Shirt

Zombie Eat Flesh T-Shirt
Does this remind you of a certain fast food chain?

2. Krraaaaarings T Shirt

Krraaaaarings T Shirt
Awesome design from Harebrained. The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as you have never seen them before.

1. Nazi Zombies Must Die T Shirt

Nazi Zombies Must Die T Shirt
Designed by Shanty Shawn, love the style of this design.

There you go, 50 awesome zombie t shirts and not one zombie film included, plenty of zombie inspired versions of other films but no zombie films or Walking Dead t shirts.

It was not my intention to omit both but it just turned out that way.
These lists do take a lot of time and research to put together.
I would appreciate if you could share this article, and give more readers the opportunity to check out these awesome tees.