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This time I was sent by Iain from Truffle Shuffle one of a popular series of tees.
It is a tee from the Keep Calm Series of Tees. 

Keep Calm And Phone Home T Shirt Review


Did You Know?….

 That the Keep Calm Tees were originally inspired by the morale boosting, war propaganda posters issued by the British government at the outbreak of the Second World War II.
No I didn't know that either!
As you can see on the website the tee is easily recognizable as a Keep Calm Tee.
And It is of course exclusive to Truffle Shuffle.
As you can see, I was sent this particular tee, packaging that was different to the bags that Truffle Shuffle normally supply, this tee were sent in a parcel.
Inside the parcel, there was some surprises, not only the tee shirt but lots of extra sweets.
I think Iain is trying to bribe my daughter for an extra special review
keep calm and phone home t shirts 2
There are two tags with this t shirt, the standard Truffle Shuffle tag and a tag from I Love Famous Forever.
I think it must be a part of the Truffle Shuffle brand as when I go to website it takes me back to Truffle Shuffle. I am sure Iain can clear that up for me at some point. 🙂
I know I am a little sad but I love receiving tees with these kinds of tags I think it give the shirt an extra bit of quality. as it comes from a brand that is professional and can be taken seriously
keep calm and phone home t shirts 9
keep calm and phone home t shirts 8
As you can see the tee has a sewn in label of the Famous Forever logo, I like it, simple and cool!
keep calm and phone home t shirts 3
Now onto the actual t shirt itself, as you can see the blue t shirt has both t he Keep Calm Typography with the iconic figure of the child on the bike hiding E.T. Underneath that is the standard E.T Extra Terrestrial logo.
keep calm and phone home t shirts 4
I asked Truffle Shuffle for some back ground information this design.
With this design we were inspired by the classic propaganda poster 'Keep Calm and Carry On' which was produced during World War II and has become very popular again recently.
It's a very simple design, but is instantly recognisable and perfect for creating parodies.
The most familiar symbol from the E.T. film is the image of Elliot and ET riding the bike past the moon and the most popular quote is "ET phone home" so we combined both of these elements in the style of Keep Calm.
I think it's very identifiable as a Keep Calm and Carry On style design but with an unusual twist which makes it unique!
Product description:
Inspired by the morale boosting, war propaganda posters issued by the British government at the outbreak of the Second World War in 1939, this Keep Calm and Phone Home Tee is a clever twist and incorporates the character E.T from the cult 80's movie.
This tee is screen printed, as you can see from the design, the screen printing as always with Truffle Shuffle is of the highest quality, no bleeding and very clean lines.
keep calm and phone home t shirts 5
As you see, the tee has a distressed look, so the more you wash it the better it will look.
I really like the iconic image that is printed on the tee from the movie.
keep calm and phone home t shirts 6


The tee fits very well and is very soft next to the skin; I knew there would not be any complaints there. However I think I need to lose a few pounds!!
keep calm and phone home t shirts 1
I like the simplicity of the design as it only a 1 colour design
It's  very soft when worn
And the combination of the Keep Calm lettering with the E.T graphics works very well.
I have not had a chance to wash the tee but I know with the previous tees that I have received, that this will not be a problem.
What is going to be the problem is fitting into them as I look like I need to lose a few pounds frown
keep calm and phone home t shirts
This tee has only the one sewn in neck label, which looks pretty cool and overall I am really happy with the t shirt,
An awesome design and loads and loads of extra sweets.
One of the best Keep Calm Tees I have seen in a while
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Now Let Me Get Aniyah's Verdict

Aniyah what do you think of this tee and all those sweets? 🙂
"I really like the bicycle but it is too small, and thank that man for getting me some sweets"

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