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Black Space Invaders T-Shirt 10
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Black Space Invaders T-Shirt Review

I will be reviewing one of their tees on a monthly basis, giving you my honest opinion on their tees.

They seem to have been impressed with my first review of their Goonies Skull Tee, you can check out that review here and will now give me a regular supply of tees to review.
Anyway enough of that, lets get back to the serious business of this months tee review from Truffle Shuffle.
Truffle Shuffle sent me one of their exclusive video game t shirt designs basis on the iconic Space Invaders from the eighties.

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The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 11
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The Chinese Stuntman T-Shirt Review

I first came across The Chinese Stuntman, whilst browsing the internet, I can’t remember what I was looking for (maybe it was Chinese stuntmen!. The site itself was fairly basic which could do with a bit more work and the background was something I have not seen before! πŸ™‚ however I thought the design was brilliant and quickly messaged the man behind Chinese Stuntman, if he was interested in a feature.

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Rosa Muerta T Shirt 4
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2K2BT Winter Collection: Three T Shirts And Hoodie Review

Another day, another t shirt review, well no. This is a review with a difference. Not only three (3) t shirts to review, there is also a hoodie
It’s a welcome return for 2K2BT, whom I featured previously here at GHSQ when I did a huge review of four (4) of their t shirts and an exclusive interview in the T Shirt Brand Undressed series as well.
To say I was happy was an understatement when 2K2BT contacted me regarding reviewing some of their winter line.

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Goonies Quotes T-Shirts 7
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Goonies Quotes T-Shirt From Truffle Shuffle

A cool brand with a great range of products, including lots of t-shirts, many of which are in house designs and exclusives to Truffle Shuffle (Don’t you just love the name!)
I was delighted when Iain from Truffle Shuffle agreed to send out a t shirt for a review, after a little bit of email tennis. He even let me pick the t shirt. I think the guys need to give Iain a pay rise πŸ™‚

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