Ok so I have just been to Comic Con London and was impressed with the number of cool designs that were on the show.
There were lots of tee brands that I have already featured here at Geek Shirts HQ and lots of new brands that I have never featured before. 
I came across one stall, I thought it was quite unassuming, there were three guys one sketching and other other chatting away.
I had a good look at their prints and was impressed with the quality of the designs.
I was thinking of purchasing one of them until I looked to my left and saw their tee designs.

The brand I am talking about is Reckless Hero

A brand that sell both artwork and tees and was blown away by their awesome designs and the prices of their designs.
The tee that I brought was the …

Monster Hunter T-Shirt

This tee caught my attention and I loved the design and grabbed myself one as quick as possible.
Now enough of how I came across Reckless Hero, lets get on with the serious business of the actual review.
The tee was simply packaged in clear wrapper with the sizing and logo information in the bottom right of the packaging.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 1
As soon as I got back to the hotel I quickly opened up the packaging and check out the design further.
I was impressed with this awesome four colour design. i didn't even get a chance to iron it! I wanted to check it out and wear it straight away.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 7
As you can see from the close up of the design it certainly has a lot of detail packed into this design and makes effective use of the colours in the design.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 8
The design as you can see looks like the print is of a high quality as the edges about the printed parts of the design are very clean.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 2
Here the design has been branded with the Reckless Hero name, but is small enough to be part of the actual design
Monster Hunter T Shirt 3
As you can see the tag has been left on the actual t shirt. I would prefer a custom tag of some sort. This will definitely help with branding Reckless Hero.
However as I mentioned earlier, the price of their tees are relatively cheap and adding extra branding will of course increase the price.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 4


Having brought the tee at Comic Con, due to the design really catching my attention, I was not disappointed with my purchase (Sorry about the lighting in the following pictures.
Trust me when I say the t shirt looked a lot better in actual person, this was due to a fault with my camera.)
Monster Hunter T Shirt 5
The fit of the tee is very good, but I knew this would be the case as the tees used are Gildan Ultra tees. The cotton was lightweight and very soft next to the skin as well. 🙂 
Now I have not had to wash the tee, so I don't know how well the design will fare in the wash but I don't think that will be a huge problem.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 9
After I brought the tee I checked out their site, to find out more about the brand.
Monster Hunter T Shirt 6
The website was easy to navigate, it had some cool pictures of their tees and prints. I checked out their About Us page which was a little sparse. I would like to see some more info in here about Reckless Hero and the team behind them.
Overall, I loved the tee that I brought.
The design I thought was awesome, with a lot of clever detail, good use of shading and excellent line work and colouring.
The tee was of a high quality as well.
The prints looked amazing on their stand, when I checked them out as well. 
I originally thought I would like to see better use of branding in the tee with a custom tag but the cost of the tees are quite cheap when compared to other tees in the same genre. And this is without any loss of quality in the design or the t shirt used.  
After reviewing their site I would like to see more about the team behind Reckless Hero and them as a brand. The tee pictures on the site were good but maybe it is time to invest in some model shots of what the tees look like when worn,
Overall Reckless Hero look like an awesome brand that is here to stay with some excellent designs to purchase. 

You Can Get The T Shirt Here 

You can also find out more about Reckless Hero on the following