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Welcome to a Special Feature here at Geek Shirts HQ.

Today we have a special hands on t shirt review and an interview with the designer Richard Fry.
I first came across The Chinese Stuntman, whilst browsing the internet, I can’t remember what I was looking for (maybe it was Chinese stuntmen!.
The site itself was fairly basic which could do with a bit more work and the background was something I have not seen before! 🙂 however I thought the design was brilliant and quickly messaged the man behind Chinese Stuntman, if he was interested in a feature.
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 2
After a few emails, I was sent the package below
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 3
The packaging was fairly basic but this was not a huge issue as this being a new start up. The packaging did what it supposed to do and that is protecting the product.
Here is a pic of the tee folded out of the packaging.
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 4
Here is the neck label of the t shirt. As you can see it is a Fruit of the loom t shirt.
Regular readers will know I am not a big fan of keeping the original tag on a tee, I would prefer the tag removed with a custom design on the back.
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 5
Now onto the actual t shirt itself
The tee is a yellow tee, heavy cotton Fruit of the Loom.
The design on the tee looks like it has been reproduced very well, as the lines around the designs look very clean with no bleeding.
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 6
Here is a close up picture of the actual design.
Check out the amount of detail that has been put into the design and how well the design has been reproduced.
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 7
Here is a close up of part of the design, I normally try to pick out a complex part of a design for a close up shot but all of the design looked complex!
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 8
I asked Richard, if he would like to answer a few questions regarding this design and the brand, Chinese Stuntman, this is what he had to say.
How you got into design?
I got into drawing at a young age, studied graphic design in London, always felt a connection with certain artist’s that caught my eye through music and film which inspired me to draw and design logo’s at home, which I used for gig flyers for bands, as well as doing my own random stuff on the side… 
What are your future plans for you and your business?
Obviously to expand, bring out some more designs in the spring and gradually twist and turn the general perception of what the name and the brand is…..
Id like to do stuff like shoes, bags, guitar plectrums….and all kinds of stuff! If one day I could build it up to the point of having a small shop in London…that would be a dream come true….so we’re just have to see where the road takes us!!??
What inspired the design?
I started seeing a lot of old school style skateboard designs pop up on the internet a few year’s back that really caught my eye, there seemed to be a real D.I.Y T-Shirt scene going on online that looked way more exciting then anything going on in any high street clothes shop………
I then came across this guy called ‘Horsebites’ really loved his style……very ‘Jim Phillips’ influenced…….and thought….’it would be great to do something with this guy, and just start my own line of T-Shirts’ the designs were very reminiscent of skateboards I would see in ‘Toys R Us’ in the 80’s…..where as a kid I would literally stop in my tracks and just stare at them and fall into a dream world……
I’ve always been a big Martial Art’s movie fan and thought that if I could do something that could represent those movies in a particular style for my own pleasure and for fans alike it would be really cool… ‘Chinese Stuntman’ was born.
What sort of design processes you following when designing a t shirt?
For me there are no limits……as soon as you start bringing rules and guidelines into art it can soon look very stagnant and generic. I think follow your heart and try to tap into the more crazy and dark side of your imagination…….bring that to the forefront and express yourself as clear and bold as possible!
How long it took you to design it
Well like I said ‘Horsebites’ designed it…so all in all maybe a week or two!? But the idea that I saw in my head probably came to me in 10 minutes….
I wanted to do something that incorporated a VHS cassette, because everyone else was doing music cassettes….and all the crazy stuff popping out of it just seemed to represent the name/brand. I just wanted something crazy bold and electrifying!
Here is an initial sketch of the design that looks like it is being vectorized. 
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 9

My Conclusions

The tee is a heavier cotton tee which I love and I do like the fit, I am not normally a fan of Fruit Of The Loom Tees but this is definitely one of their better quality t shirts. 
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 10
The t shirt not only fitted well but felt good when worn. Even though it is a heavier cotton tee, it does feel very soft.
The design itself looks awesome and the colours are stunning.
I never thought I would wear a yellow t shirt but the Chinese Stuntman design looks amazing against the yellow backing of the t shirt.
And I don't know how they got the colors to look as vibrant as they have done.
The Chinese Stuntman Tees Shirts 11
I know it is a new brand and this is a first design but I would like to see a tagless t shirt in future designs and maybe the t shirt sent out in a standard mailer.
I think a bit more work on the actual site would help as well, an about us page with more branding on the site itself.
You can find out more about The Chinese Stuntman at the following locations

Now it is time for my 5 year old daughters review.

What do you think of the t shirt Aniyah?
aniyah pic

Oh Its Nice! So Many Colors!

But Those Eyes Scares Me!