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Yanmos Design, Original Clean And Crisp T-Shirt Design

Today we have a designer that that has a style has a mixture of Geek/pop culture references and an ecological message in his designs.
Exactly who is the man behind Yanmos Designs? He was found in the caves on the infamous Mount Doom, where he carved out his existence by drawing the local landscapes around him it wasn’t until the destruction of ‘that’ ring’
Nowadays he is an awesome designer, currently finishing off his a book, with an avid fan base.
Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Yanmos Design, the latest designer to get unlocked.

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michael swank
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Michael Swank, Free And Liberated

Today’s designer is married with kids, so nothing different there. However what makes this designer so different apart from his obvious skills to make some awesome tees is that he thinks he is from the planet Vulcan or the planet Tatooine. Obviously neither of these are true, that is just ridiculous. He is actually from the planet Krypton and yes I can exclusively reveal he is Superman!!

Today’s designer is Michael Swank, the latest designer to get unlocked

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Klingon Motherf--er Can You Speak It T Shirt
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Scott Neilson, The Motherf**er Tee Designer Unlocked :)

This week, we have a designer originally from South Africa grew up in Scotland and now lives in London so he does get about abit!!! 🙂
I am talking about Scott Neilson, an awesome designer who I came across on Twiiter.
His designs alway seem to have a little thought to them with a pun hidden amist the designs, when I came across Scott on Twitter, it was his Dead Famous Heath Design that caught my eye paying homage to the late Heath Ledger.

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zerobriant tees
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Zerobriant, The Designer Unlocked Interview

Here is a guy who calls himself a Whovian and a Browncoat, I call him an awesome designer. I am talking about Zerobriant

I heard Zerobriant suffers from a condition call Tardinitous, it’s an obsession with blue boxes. However I have found out how he designs, as his PC at home is built into a blue box and most of his home décor resembles blue boxes. Enough of blue boxes!

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