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New T-Shirt Brand Alert: Conscious Apparel

Conscious Apparel has only been running for a month at the time of writing this, they are run by Gary Cassidy and Carly Conkie. Already, they have achieved more in the last few months before launch and after than it has taken a lot of brands a few years to do. I first came across Conscious Apparel through their Facebook page. This is usually a good indicator to me, of exactly what a clothing brand are about

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2K2BT Tee Death Mask 7
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2K2BT Get’s Reviewed! Four T Shirts. One Review!

Ever heard of an apparel brand called The 2 Kool 2 B True Design Company (2K2BT)?
They are a brand based in Miami who are heavily influenced by urban and tattoo art.

There were featured in the news digest of Geek Shirts HQ and this prompted them to get in contact with me, and thank me for featuring them.
Now, not many brands take the trouble of thanking me after featuring them in my news section, so immediately I thought these are a cool bunch of people AND they sell some awesome t shirts.

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Badge of Slime Tees shirts
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New Brand Alert: We Will Destroy!

Here at Geek Shirts HQ, I am always looking for new brands to feature. Most of the time, they come looking for me!
That was not the case with We Will Destroy, I found them through their Facebook page and for a brand (at the time of writing this) has only been in existence for approximately five months, they are really engaging with their fans on level I normally see from experienced brands. This prompted me to check out their site. They have a few t shirt designs available and I am sure more will be added in the future. I thought let’s put the Geek Shirts HQ spotlight on We Will Destroy.

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