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Sleep Terror Clothing Inspired By Nightmares And Monsters That Haunt Dreams

Sleep Terror Clothing is the brainchild of one man, Jonathan Chau, hailing from San Francisco, Jonathon has taken his interests in science fiction and horror and turned into a cool t shirt brand.
To be a success in an overcrowded on line world of t shirt brands you have to be different, I think that Jonathon has achieved this with his eye catching designs, influenced by his nightmares and his interests along with desire to try and personally say thank you in some way to every customer that orders from Sleep Terror Clothing.

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fury pig t shirts
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Fury Pig Tees, The New Daily Tee Site

This week we have something a bit different here at Geek Shirts HQ, a t shirt brand we are featuring on their launch day.
Fury Pig are a brand new entrant into the world of daily t shirt sites. A new brand started by Bill & John from Philadelphia.
Apart from the cool name Fury Pig Tees, there is not much else I can tell you about this brand. However I am excited to be part of a new brand’s launch and I hope their tees will be as cool as their name.

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Try This On For Size If You Don’t Want To Get Naked Like TTOFS

Try This On For Size (TTOFS for short) is comprised of 2 dudes from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada: Noel Villeneuve and Steve Gillon.
The two met in 1998 and soon after became best friends. They then entered the twisted and whacky world of pro wrestling together, donning the personas of Spike Hammar (typo intended) and Flash Finnegan (ironic since Steve is slower than a turtle). The realization came quick that they would not be the next Ultimate Warrior and Andre The Giant, so they then embarked on a new scheme: t-shirt printing!

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nerdy frames shirts t
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Nerdy Frames, The Accidental Nerd T-Shirts

Here is a brand that is trying to do something different, using eyewear designers to design t shirts.
Nerdy Frames have a definite identity where as there are too many brands struggling to find a voice in an over popular area, Nerdy has found their voice and this makes them stand out from the crowd.
Geek Shirts HQ welcomes the latest brand to get undressed, Nerdy Frames

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teefury shirts
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Teefury Up Close And Personal

This week we have a major player in the daily t shirt sites. One of the oldest and most respected daily t shirt sites.
I am talking about TeeFury, a daily tee site with a fantastic loyal community and it has in my opinion some of the best designs on any of the daily tee sites. Not only that their tees are printed on tees of excellent quality!
What more could you ask for? Well for me to shut up so you read the cool interview from TeeFury.

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