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Are you a huge Firefly fan?
Do you like tea? 
Have you wondered why I have not worked out a way to write an introduction with out asking inane questions?
If  you answered yet to any of these questions then you will love this week's Shirt Of The Week.

Serenitea T-Shirt

Serenitea T-Shirt

This week we have Maria Mokat

One of my favourite designers making a welcome return to Geek Shirts HQ. 
Let me get Maria to get you a little more about this cool new design.
I utterly love Firefly.
I am one of those who still feel like crying because we can't have more.
Making a themed design was simply a must and a need. 
Serenity's a beauty, and I really wanted to challange myself making her.
I also love puns and, of course, tea, so that it didn't take long before the idea came up.
I took inspiration from some of the classic tea brands for the composition and I used the thread of the tea bag in order to combine the elements. 
I must say, I'm really happy with the result!
You are not the only one that is happy with this design. 🙂
I really like the simple design
I think it is very effective and works well.
Maria have created other versions of this tee, with a darker ink on a lighter background, but the white version is my favourite! 
Only Maria could combine the space ship Serenity from Firefly with Tea! 🙂
Serenitea T-Shirt redbubble

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