This weeks Geek Shirts HQ tee of the week is from a designer we have featured a number of times on Geek Shirts HQ Warbucks Design. Check out his Designer Unlocked interview here and a feature on some of his latest tees here.
This tee is one of my favorite tees of Warbucks and was very happy when he agreed to another featuring it as a tee of the week.
I will let Warbucks fill you in on his inspiration and how he designed the tee below and thanks to Warbucks Design, there is a chance to win one of these special shirts.
The Four Elements Tee Of The Work
Did Harry Potter defeat Voldemort by blowing on him?
Was war fought in Middle Earth because Sauron possessed a cup of water?
I think not.
Can Jedi move objects and control weak-minded people because they have a packet of matches in their pocket?
I doubt it.
And does Doctor Who save the day with a tub of mud?
Unlikely (albiet possible). Forget the classical notions of the natural elements being Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Every Sci-Fi/Fantasy geek knows that in the alternative realities of popular geek culture, these elements are meaningless when compared with the elements of The Force, The Ring of Power, Time Travel and Wizardry.
The Four Elements (work in progress) Step 1
The Four Natural Elements was a t-shirt concept that I thought of that would combine the coolest and most powerful stuff in the fandom universe. If it was possible to combine all the things that I thought were cool then I could create one ultimate t-shirt.
Up until this point, I had only done the usual mash ups of two elements but I really wanted to raise the bar. So what did I do? I began to write down some of the most kickass and coolest stuff from my favorite movies and shows.
The first one a no brainer; The Force. Let’s be honest, there really isn’t anything cooler then being able to use the Force. Without a doubt, it had to be in there. Next I started to think about magic; Wizardry. Harry Potter is huge and for good reason, he’s a great character, series and the movies are fantastic. We can’t miss out on Harry, but what about the Lord of the Rings?
The trilogy is perfection. One of greatest trilogies next to the original Star Wars but one element stood out. The one ring. The Precious. It was powerful, it could consume, and it was indestructible… almost. And finally, I started to think about time travel? Bill and Ted? The Delorean? Nah, Dr. Who. That’s who I need.
If I was able to combine all four of these elements, this could be the ultimate shirt that I was looking for, and in my opinion, it succeeded.
The Four Elements (work in progress) Step 2

That’s a fun look at how I actually came up with the concept of “The Four Natural Elements” but once I had my content I had to decided how to use it. Obviously, I played off the topic of the real four natural elements: fire, water, air & earth. It fit what I was trying to convey and it was a fun name for a shirt.
But back to the problem at hand, which was how to combine these elements in a design that was appealing and not confusing.
Each element should be able to stand on it’s own when seen but somehow still be mixed with the others. I broke it down into a four column grid and became placing the elements in each one. In order to have each element stand on it’s own I decided to color code each column. I liked it.
It was very different from what I had done in the past and it worked. Having the colors run the complete top and bottom of the four columns made the design “pop”. The inclusion of the top title text was a last minute change and I believe it was for the better.
Originally I had the top text all white but I later decided to have it break down into sections and coincide with the colors of each rectangle. It seemed confusing to read at first but once you take a second look, you got it. I like that. Normally you don’t want a shirt that is too confusing but I think this was just enough to make you look twice and then you got it.
The Four Elements (work in progress) Step 3 
I was very happy with the finished product. I added white text to the bottom as an accent to the design but also served the purposed of readability as well just incase you had trouble reading each element. Together everything worked perfectly giving the illusion of single elements forming one ultimate design.
This has easily become one of my favorites in my collection as well as one of the most popular. It’s a great feeling to come up with a concept and have it executed correctly from beginning to end. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that doesn’t happen with other designs but this one had a little something more and a greater satisfaction when it was finished.
"I’d like to introduce to you, the true “Four Natural Elements”.
 The Four Elements T Shirt is available on Redbubble for purchase.
The Four Elements Contest
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