If you are a geek but hide those computer magazines when certain friends visit, do you try and get away from wearing your thick rimmed glasses when out, try not to reference the latest obscure video game reference. stay up until 4am playing Call Of Duty but tell your friends you were with a 'friend' or out drinking to the late hours, If all of these characteristics describe you, then you are a closet geek!

Even in the current age, where video games, anything digital is considered cool and even urban, you are still feeling being a geek is not something to be proud of. Now I could say you are wrong but this blog is about t shirts, not about giving out counselling advice.

So if you still want to celebrate your geekness, by looking good, but dont want to be obvious about it then my top 10 geek shirts that hide your inner geek maybe for you.

All these shirts at first glance you may think do not reference anything geeky, but are a great design. What makes these shirts so good, is that not only do these shirts look good but, only people in the know, will understand the references.

Now enough of me talking lets look at the top 10 shirts that hide your inner geek



Light Cycles T Shirt

A great t shirt that will not look out of place on the most fashion conscious of people, inspired by Tron and in particular the light cycles. I really like this shirt



Deaths Red Ring T Shirt

Here you have the grim reaper as a visual metaphor for the famous RROD on the Xbox, great artwork produced by Jonah Block



Rock Band T Shirt – Two Headed Tiger

Looking at the great artwork on this t shirt, showing the 2 headed tiger, you may find it hard to believe that it is inspired by a video game!

Rock Band, the 'son' of Guitar Hero, the interactive band simulator, is the inspiration for this fantastic shirt. Does this shirt fit your stereotypical geek shirt?



Play Button T Shirt

A great simple shirt and design, you may be seeing a common trend within this list as most of the shirts are simple minimilistic designs.



Super Hero Inside T-Shirt

I love the design of this shirt. Who isn't a secret wannabe super hero at heart.



Fantastic Four T Shirt

An officially liscenced t shirt



Binary Tree T Shirt

A great stylish t shirt, this will look good on the floor of any supermodel's bedroom!



Aperture Science Logo T-Shirt – Inspired By Portal

This t-shirt shows the Aperture Science logo, the logo of the (apparently) fictional research company in charge of producing the Aperture Science quantum tunnelling device, or as most people know it: the Portal gun.



Evolution Of Robots T Shirt

An alternative take on Rudolph Zallinger's famous "March of Progress" illustration which depicted what was at the time considered the evolutionary progress from ape to man. We've chosen to instead depict the evolution of the science-fiction robot from the Daleks of the 1960s, through R2-D2 in the 1970s, the 80s icons Johnny 5 and Optimus Prime, and finally the 21st century's take on Isaac Asimov's I, Robot.



Captain America High Quality Grungy Shield T-Shirt

An excellent shirt and one of my favorites in the countdown, now some of you might thing, it is obvious a Captain America Shield Shirt but not everyone is familiar with the whole Captain America thing. This shirt looks great and I love the grungy design, something you would not expect from a Captain America Shirt.


There you go, my top 10 Geek Shirts that hide your inner geek, unless you are a geek. Let me know what you think and if you agree or disagree with any of my choices or even if there are shirts you would of liked to see in the countdown yourself.