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Game Of Rogues tee shirt designed by Ninjaink 2
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Game of Rogues The Geek Shirts HQ Tee Review

I knew what was inside the package, it was the Game Of Rogues Tee designed by Ninjaink.

First things first I checked out the packaging. Now the daily t shirts sites are not normally renowned for the packaging they send their tees in, and why would they be? They are all about selling their tees at a very cheap price and one of the ways they will do this is the packaging.

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The Dark Knight
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The Dark Knight By Kev Brett, Geek Shirt HQ Shirt Of The Week

Welcome to the Shirt of the Week, where we bring you the very best designs that we can find and put the Geek Shirts HQ spotlight on it.
This week we have a designer that we have featured at Geek Shirts HQ before Kev Brett. He brings you a brand new design which launches here at Geek Shirts HQ
Everyone seems to be going Batman crazy and they are not calling him Batman but The Dark Knight instead. His name is Batman!

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