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Satellite Of Love – GSHQ Shirt Of Fhe Week

Satellite Of Love geek tee shirts

Welcome to a brand new shirt of the week. What happens is Geek Shirts HQ will highlight one design in particular, which is one of the favorites here at Geek Shirts HQ. It then goes on to take on legendary status, with lots of love in the t shirt community!

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Thundercats Geek Shirt? Or Kids Shirt? Top Ten Thundercats Anime TShirts

Thundercats Fun and Geeky T Shirt

Remember the old Thundercats cartoon or are you a fan of……. dare I say it? the rebooted version?

For anyone who is not familiar with the show, it originally aired in 1985 and followed the adventures of a group of humanoid cat-like creatures. To be honest I can’t remember too much about the actual plot but what i do remember, the Thundercats arch nemesis was Mumra, who they would battle each week.

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