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Ultimate Collection Of Big Bang Theory Tees Shirts

big bang theory cast

The big bang theory is a comedy show where the main protaganists are all nerds. Their world is turned upside down when a stunning blonde moves in across the hall from them. The creators we have to thank for this show are Chuck Lorre and Bill Prady.

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Some Call Him Blayde: The Designer Unlocked Interview

droidlek android tees shirts

Welcome to Designers Unlocked, this week we have the t shirt designer known as Blayde.

This guy is not a vampire hunter like his namesake but an artisan that designs show originality and great artwork, making Blayde sharper than the average designer.
Some say he is also a self-obsessed gear head and when not designing you can see Blayde building a top secret aircraft (well you can’t, it wouldn’t be top secret if you could) in Bahrain.

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Darth Stark by Firepower Geek Shirts HQ Shirt Of The Week

Darth Stark tees shirts

Welcome to Shirt of the Week, where we only bring you the very best tees that we are impressed with and would like to showcase.
If you are looking for a great new tee, with a fantastic design, then you will love this week’s shirt of the week, from a new designer we have not featured before. Nick Heazell, AKA Firepower. Not only is this a great new design but Nick has agreed to launch his fantastic new design here at Geek Shirts HQ?

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Gummi Alien, Self-Rapist, Mind Your Manners, Cynical Cats, Mr. Bojangles, Busted Tees Shirts

Mind Your Manners Tees shirts

Welcome to another edition of the Geek Shirts HQ news, more great new tees to report today.

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Top 13 Hello Kitty Twisted Tees

Hello voltron kitty tees

Welcome to a new article in the Twisted Series. If you are unfamiliar with these editorials and the concepts behind them, check out some of my previous editorials in the series.

This time it’s the turn of the now massive brand Hello Kitty. Originally targetted at pre-adolescents. Hello Kitty has gone on to become a huge brand with a number of products aimed at adults.

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T Shirt Brand Undressed: The Saucewear Interview

saucewear shirts

Welcome to a brand new feature from Geek Shirts HQ. T Shirt Brand Undressed. This is where we interview the people behind the sites where you buy your favorite tees. We will be highlighting new brands and established ones. Lifting the lid on what goes on behind the scenes with the t shirt brands.

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The End Is Near Tee From Winter Artwork – Geek Shirts HQ T-Shirt Of The Week

The End is Near t-shirt 1

Welcome to another Geek Shirts HQ tee of the week. Where we highlight a favorite tee once week and giveaway the tee to one (1) lucky Geek Shirts HQ follower.

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Batman, Dr. Who, GI Joe, Doctorama, T Shirt Hell, Sci-Fi, Threadless, Cafepress Shirts

batman dark knight rises shirts

Lots of Memorial Day savings in today’s news digest. More new tees from Stylin Online and the brilliant Doctorama tee available at Shirtpunch.

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