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Imagination T-Shirt From Optic Apparel

imagination t shirts 12

Optic Apparel, a brand based in the UK. Normally in my t shirt reviews I talk a little about the brand, but this time I have Graham Cooling from Optic Apparel, who I interview for a little more info about his cool brand.

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Tee Busters, Busting Into The Daily Tee Market

teebusters 1

Tee Busters are a brand I first came across via Twitter, I really liked their social media presence, it is one of the ways that a brand can stand out from the crowd in the way they market themselves on sites such as Twitter and Facebook.
Already one of Europe’s premier daily tee sites, Tee Busters has attracted some of the best names in t shirt design.

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Sleep Terror Clothing Inspired By Nightmares And Monsters That Haunt Dreams

Monster  T Shirt

Sleep Terror Clothing is the brainchild of one man, Jonathan Chau, hailing from San Francisco, Jonathon has taken his interests in science fiction and horror and turned into a cool t shirt brand.
To be a success in an overcrowded on line world of t shirt brands you have to be different, I think that Jonathon has achieved this with his eye catching designs, influenced by his nightmares and his interests along with desire to try and personally say thank you in some way to every customer that orders from Sleep Terror Clothing.

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Yanmos Design, Original Clean And Crisp T-Shirt Design


Today we have a designer that that has a style has a mixture of Geek/pop culture references and an ecological message in his designs.
Exactly who is the man behind Yanmos Designs? He was found in the caves on the infamous Mount Doom, where he carved out his existence by drawing the local landscapes around him it wasn’t until the destruction of ‘that’ ring’
Nowadays he is an awesome designer, currently finishing off his a book, with an avid fan base.
Geek Shirts HQ welcomes Yanmos Design, the latest designer to get unlocked.

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Big Treez Tees,They Make Sweet T-Shirts

BigTreez Tees

Heard of Big Treez Tees?
A brand hailing from Canada, they have a fantastic range of designs,
Here are two of the geekiest in their collection.
Let me get the guys from Big Treez Tees to tell you more.

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Sound Of Nature 6 T-Shirts Of 9Fountains Tee Review

Sound of Nature 6-Grey Shirts 6

I was contacted by 9Fountains recently regarding a review, I have to be honest I never came across 9Fountains before.
Now I know I am a t shirt blog but there are literally hundreds if not thousands of online t shirt stores so impossible to keep up with all of them, but i try my best.

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Lee Byway from Byway Designs Unlocked


This week we have a designer who is an avid football fan, loves filslms and stand up comedy. He is a talented designer from the UK. I first came across this cool designer from his xxxx design which is one of my favorites.
His portfolio takes its inspiration from a number of sources and he has been featured on many t shirts sites.

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The Kid Icthus, A Shirt Designer Unlocked Interview

Kid Icthus 3

Welcome to the Geek Shirts HQ Designer Unlocked Interview Series where we put the best independent designers under the spotlight.

This week we have an awesome designer, who cites some of his influences as religious, Batman and comic books. With such an eclectic mix of interests, Geek shirts HQ welcomes

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