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Zombert & Zernie T-Shirt

Zombert & Zernie T-Shirt 1

This week we have found a t shirt that is just right for the Halloween holiday.
It is a cool new tee from 604Republic
Heard of the Muppets?
Do you like zombies?
Thinking what you doing answering questions when you want to look at t shirts?
If you answered yes then you are going to love the following t shirt featuring Bert and Ernie from Sesame Street.

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Bitmap’d The Godfather Of Gaming Tees

7Kingdoms video game tees shirts

Welcome to Geek Shirts HQ t shirt brand undressed. This week we have Bitmapd who are bringing quality tees to gaming culture.
Bitmap’d is a brand that is growing rapidly in making a name for itself in an online world that is saturated with t shirt brands.
Bitmap’d is a serious brand to be reckoned with that stands apart from an over-crowded t shirt scene. With a quality and professionalism in what they do.

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T Shirt Review – The Rise Of Doomcepticon from HateMale.

Doomcepticon T-SHIRTS

Welcome to a special review of a tee that has not been released yet, but will be released near the end of the month. it is from a new brand that has only been running since October 30th 2011 and specialize in limited edition designs. The name of this brand is… Hate Male

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The Winky Boo Interview – Geek Shirts HQ T Shirt Brand Undressed


Welcome to Geek Shirts HQ T Shirt Brand Undressed. This week we have the clothing label Winky Boo and the woman behind Winky Boo Amy Fiedler.
Amy Fiedler really does walk the walk, a brand that has substance, and is liked by fellow bloggers and customers alike. Winky Boo has enjoyed success in a relatively short period of time, this is due to the hard work that Amy puts into Winky Boo and her awesome designs. If you dont believe me check out their loyal fan base on facebook.

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Geek Shirts HQ Welcomes Kev Brett. This Weeks Designer To Get Unlocked

sherlock homes t-shirts

Hello and welcome to Designers Unlocked. Geek Shirts HQ weekly series of interviews, highlighting some of the best t shirt designers, getting to know the men (and women) behind the designs and showcasing their designs at the same time. This week’s designer in the Designer Unlocked series is Kev Brett.

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Darth Stark by Firepower Geek Shirts HQ Shirt Of The Week

Darth Stark tees shirts

Welcome to Shirt of the Week, where we only bring you the very best tees that we are impressed with and would like to showcase.
If you are looking for a great new tee, with a fantastic design, then you will love this week’s shirt of the week, from a new designer we have not featured before. Nick Heazell, AKA Firepower. Not only is this a great new design but Nick has agreed to launch his fantastic new design here at Geek Shirts HQ?

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Redbubble T-Shirt Designers: TeeKetch, Caddywompus, Beware1984, Dan Wolfe, Fishbiscuit

Chicken City geek tees shirts

More tee news and this time we have a couple of designers with new tees we have not featured before. Let me know what you think of these great designs.

First of all, here are designers with some great designs who feature their work heavily at Redbubble

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Gummi Alien, Self-Rapist, Mind Your Manners, Cynical Cats, Mr. Bojangles, Busted Tees Shirts

Mind Your Manners Tees shirts

Welcome to another edition of the Geek Shirts HQ news, more great new tees to report today.

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